Wednesday, February 3, 2021

What's Up With March For Life?

Some time after Nellie Gray's death in 2012, I began to sense something amiss about March for Life, the apostolate that Nellie founded and guided from 1974 till her passing.  As I watched the video below, I could not help but recall one of Nellie's favorite slogans: "Not even a little bit of abortion!"  She approached this menace from a thorough, unapologetically Catholic perspective.  

As Nellie and her fellow board members got on in years, some of us wondered why new blood wasn't brought into her organization.  Well, perhaps now we can appreciate Nellie's hesitations, because the new blood that came in after her death has been a weaker, thinner blood type if you get my drift.  Not only do we see it in what Louie Verrecchio presents to us, but in the abject cowardice displayed in the cancellation of the March for Life this year.  During what other trying circumstance was a previous March canceled?  I cannot recall.

Again, please watch.  To get to the links he mentions, watch it also on the youtube page and the links will be there.  Here is The Hill article written by Carl Anderson. 


  1. I forwarded this post's link to my daughter-in-law, who responded: "Just so you know: Google tagged this email as having 'dangerous content'."

    That's a badge of honor to me, Restore DC Catholicism. Keep up your fine work.

    1. Dangerous content! That is precious! Thank you for your kind words, and thanks for the laugh!

  2. I've had those same concerns for a long time. Nellie was a real champion for life. Not so much the new crowd. I wonder whether they've now become one more organization building an empire. I don't think Nellie ever took a dime for salary, but I'm betting the growing staff at March for Life is not quite so altruistic. Think I'll check them out on one of the charity evaluation sites.


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