Sunday, January 16, 2011

Father Pfleger Joins The "Disarm Citizens" Chorus

I'm beginning to smell a bit of a coordinated effort here on the part of the progessive element in the Church to exploint the Arizona shootings.  First, the USCCB through their media arm is calling for the disarmament of the citizenry.  Now Father Michael Pfleger, Obama confidant, has added his shrill voice to the clamor, according to this Chicago Tribune article.  Now I'm not sure what the blue lights have to do with the price of fish here (yes, the "fish" comment is a bit of an acknowledgement to the future mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel), but I'm sure we'll be advised presently.

Some might recall Father Pfleger as being very much against guns - so much so that he actually threatened to "snuff out" the owner of Chuck's Gun Shop in Chicago and legislators who vote against gun control laws.  Listen to Father Pfleger's less-than-peaceful screed for yourselves.   (Click here if you can't see embedded video)

By the bye - don't you find this language to be somewhat incendiary?  All this rhetoric - I'll call it "hate speech" - about "snuffing out" and "blowing away" cannot be considered civilized by any standards.  That goes double for a Roman Catholic priest.  So now that Fr Pfleger has chimed in, will we hear rebukes of him, as we did regarding Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and others?

So who amongst the "catholyc" left will be the next to join the clarion call for the disarmament of US citizens?  Who will be the next mouthpiece of the Messiah Most Miserable and his Mindless Minions to call for our shedding of our defenses?

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