Saturday, June 25, 2022

Insipid Garblings From MD Bishops Regarding Overturn Of Roe

For a truly Catholic bishop, news of the overturn of Roe v Wade would be a joy for him to announce with clarity and he would jump at the chance to state his gratitude to God and exhort his flock to continued fidelity and prayer and action.  However, truly Catholic bishops seem to be a rare commodity in this nation and they are sorely lacking in the MD/DC area.  Nevertheless, they are astute enough to know that they could not maintain absolute silence in the face of this obviously significant occurrence.

The poor dears!  I'm certain they found themselves between a rock and a hard place, what with trying to put on a Catholic appearance while pleasing their progressive sugar-daddies and all.  No wonder why these statements sound like piles of namby-pamby mush.

Let's examine what came from Archbishop Lori.  He happens to be in Germany at the moment, but released his statement to the Catholic Review.  Every sentence of his starts with "I think" when evaluating what happened today.  He "thinks" it's good news?  Thinks?  It either is or it isn't. Of course it most definitely is good news.  Can you just imagine how Peter's first sermon would have sounded if he used such tepid language?  "I think you should repent and be baptized.."  That really would have converted those 3,000 people - would it not have?  Then he talks about redoubling efforts to reach out to women in troubled pregnancies.  Certainly that is needed, but that's not all that is needed.  Neither he nor any of the other pro-life leaders quoted in that article utter a peep about fighting for legal protection for unborn children.  Frankly, I know why.  If they did that, they would put themselves at odds against their progressive sugar-daddies in the local government who give them all sorts of nice funding dollars (extorted from taxpayers, but that's its own post).

Even more insipid is the pabulum uttered by Cardinal Gregory, as published in the Catholic Standard.  He lauds the ruling as a step in winning legal protections for unborn children, oops!  My bad!  That should read "heal the nation's divisions".  He immediately segues into a litany of seamless garment, social justice mish-mash.  The attempt to distract from the primacy of baby slaughter is so obvious that it's laughable.  Like Lori, he steers thoughts away from seeking legal protections for the unborn children - protections that would undoubtedly irk the Democrat demagogues with oodles of money to divert to church hierarchy coffers.

These statements, coupled with their abysmal refusals to assist our petition drive last month, make plain that we will have to proceed to work independently of our prelates.


  1. Yeah, archbishops Lori and Gregory could have put more salt into their utterings. But let's not quibble. Check out Archbishop Cordileone's statement, for example: The Dobbs decision was published on the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart. This is a real victory. Our God is powerful - and can work even through insipid bishops. Praise God and pass the ammunition. There is much work ahead of us.

    1. Oh, it's more than just quibbling. What is not said is just as important as what is said. These two learned well from McCarrick, who mastered the art of not explicitly stating his real points.

  2. I have noticed that a lot of people who we would think would have been rejoicing yesterday were either silent or wishy washy. The pro-life movement was riddled with traitors.


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