Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Who, Like Me, Is A "Deplorable Restorationist"?

The pope seems to think it bad to be a "restorationist" when it comes to the Traditional Mass and fidelity to the teachings on faith and morality that the Church has always promulgated.  While he bandies that term like an insult, I wear it proudly, as do many of my friends.  I also wear with honor the "deplorable" distinction that Hillary Clinton gave to so many good people.  Hence I am a "Deplorable Restorationist"!

Archbishop Vigano apparently is quite comfortable with it, as he details in an interview the masonic underpinnings and machinations behind so much of the chaos - spiritual, political, economical - that the world is experiencing.  It is all quite by design; frankly, I think that is painfully obvious.

I suggest you read through that interview carefully and then listen to this clip from Raymond Arroyo as he interviews Peter Kwasniewski about some of the pope's questionable words and actions, including his slurs against ornate vestments (calling them "grandma's lace").  Notice how well the pope is following the directives of Klaus Schwab, George Soros and other puppet-masters as he works to undermine the Faith that stands almost like a lone bulwark against this new world order.

To truly be a "restorationist" means to be one who works to restore the world to Christ, to restore fidelity to Christ's teachings, to restore the Christian underpinnings that once graced western civilization.  If the pope considers that an insult, that says more about him than us.

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