Sunday, June 5, 2022

Local Pregnancy Center Vandalized By Pro-Aborts Having Temper Tantrums

Several years ago I and some other sidewalk counselors gave a training seminar that was hosted by Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center in Washington DC.  It was clear to me that this was a place truly dedicated to helping women who choose to let their babies live, as opposed to subjecting them to grisly deaths.  The place abounded with all manners of baby care items, etc.

I therefore immediately recognized the place as I saw its picture on this LifeSiteNews piece.  The overgrown brats who did this cannot deal with the fact that some areas of the country will once again be able to protect children.  Ironically, Washington DC, where this happened, will remain a locale where babies will be in mortal danger.  But think of it.  If Roe does go down, the progressives will not be able to destroy as many babies as they have done, so they will look for any decent thing that they can destroy, be it pregnancy centers or churches.

Such destructive temper tantrums are coming in many forms.  Resurrecting tactics that NARAL tried in 2009, the New York state legislature passed legislation that will allow them to "investigate" pro life pregnancy centers for not slaughtering babies.  That's like investigating the American Cancer Society for not selling cigarettes.  I trust this will go down in flames just as the other NARAL tactics did in 2009.

Again, in related news, the Department of Homeland Security warmed the nation's Catholic bishops that their churches could be targeted for vandalism if Roe is scuttled, and clergy could be targeted for personal violence.  Please notice something.  The threats seem to be centered on Catholic establishments.  They aren't threatening Protestant churches or other houses of worship.  Whether the progressives realize it or not, they are acknowledging that the Catholic Church is the one true bulwark for Godly moral truth.  At any rate, we will have to be on the alert and be prepared to physically stop anyone from desecrating our churches and the Blessed Sacrament.

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