Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cardinal McCarrick Embarrasses Yet Again

Yesterday at the Washington National Cathedral Cardinal McCarrick joined with leaders of other faiths to "call for an end to gun violence".  Let's review the definition of "violence" from the viewpoint of Catholic morality, shall we?  Violence is defined as the "unjustified use of force".   So we can infer that while all violence involves the use of force, not all usage of force is violence for there are cases when use of force is justified, e.g., self-defense, law enforcement, etc.

During the meeting, the Very Reverend Gary Hall, president of Washington National Cathedral had the following to say regarding the NRA's suggestion of placing police officers in schools: "That the NRA seeks to answer the problem of violence with more violence shows that their answers are directly at odds with the teachings of all faith traditions of the vast majority of people of faith in America."

Not only did Hall demonstrate his ignorance of what constitutes real violence, but with this silly-assed statement he insulted each and every police officer who puts him/herself at risk every day to protect citizens from real violence.  To equate the presence of a police officer with "more violence" is over the top.  Hall should apologize to all the police of this country for such a slap in the face.  Unfortunately I'm sure Cardinal McCarrick just nodded in agreement as Hall stuck both feet in his mouth.

Why are they only agitated about gun violence?  Given that violence is inherently evil, why are they not equally concerned about all types of violence?  How about the violence in the womb, about which Mother Teresa spoke so eloquently at the 1994 National Prayer Breakfast?  At yesterday's conference, the National Council of Churches was represented.  What is their position on baby-murder?  Quote: "Because of the diverse theological teachings of its member churches, the National Council of Churches does not have an official position on abortion"  Isn't that great?  They've no position on the murders (that is, violence) of over 3000 babies every day, but they're ready to wax indignant about police going into the schools!

We also see New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good represented.  They are described as "progressive evangelicals".  Yep!  There's that "progressive" word again!  Looking at their website we see that they are pro "gay marriage".

Many of these folks are so morally compromised themselves that they cannot be taken seriously.  I fear that includes His Eminence.  His regrettable tendencies to hang around with pro-abortion bigwigs (Sister Carol Keehan, John Sweeney, etc) undermine any moral credibility he might otherwise have enjoyed and put to good use.  Let all these folks address real violence and not this "gun-violence" straw man.

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