Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Voters' Remorse In Detroit?

Yesterday Detroit City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson called upon the Messiah Most Miserable to "bring home the bacon" (her words, not mine) and bail out Detroit.  Citing the sterling example set by Jimmy Carter (author of his own disastrous presidency), she reminded her Dear Leader that there "ought to be a quid pro quo" since the Detroit population (as a whole) supported Obama last month.

Fox 2 News Headlines

Ms Watson (and other Obama voters), did you really think Obama gives a rat's rump about you?  No!  He used you, and your misguided lust for free-bees!  I hope the blinders are falling from your eyes; of course the sensation of light will be strange to eyes that have been willfully blinded for so long.  I have four little words for you and your ilk:


It seems you are experiencing a bit of voters' remorse.  Had you known on Nov 1 what you know now, would you have voted for Obama?

To the Occupant of the White House - Are you totally without gratitude?  At least give these poor folks their Obama-phones!

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  1. No, no remorse. No power on Earth could have gotten most of the residents of Detroit to vote for Romney. Remember, if you can bear to do so, the rough shrieks of the Obamaphone woman and what she had to say about Romney; I won't darken your blog by quoting her.

    Obama, meanwhile, has no need to bail out Detroit. He has won his last election.


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