Friday, December 21, 2012

USCCB Misses The Mark On Sandy Hook Shootings

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops today issued a statement (of sorts) on the Sandy Hook shootings and what they think are the answers.  Well, I don't know if the bishops themselves penned it (although they affixed their names to it) because it has the smell of progressive agendas all over it.

First (after receiving "talking points" from the puppet masters) they launch into gun control.  They opine the intent to protect one's loved ones is an honorable one, but simply put, guns are too easily accessible.  Let me illustrate the lack of logic by applying it to another filial duty, to wit:  the intent to feed one's loved ones is an honorable one, but simply put, food is too easily accessible.  The right to self-defense is a necessary component to the right to life itself - but that right is denied when one is deprived of the means to exercising that right.

A number of sensible articles have been written about the Second Amendment.  I would suggest that the USCCB puppet masters read them, but I suspect they full well know the truth and are doing their utmost to keep the truth from the Catholic in the pews.  Here's one on the gun-control culture.  Here's another that addresses the real fundamental cause of violence (and not just violence involving guns): America's Problem Is a Contempt for Life.

The USCCB piece ends with 5 suggestions that they claim will address violence.  Notice that 4 out of 5 have to do with gun control - that is, confiscation of guns from everybody including the law-abiding.  I've no doubt that the USCCB puppet-masters have been given their talking points from the Democrat money-bags and are obediently doing their bidding, couching their progressivism in a faux-katholyc veneer.

Most telling, of course, is the lack of mention of the complete disrespect of life and morality as discussed by Mr. Bannister's article.  Yes the USCCB made some perfunctory remarks about violence in entertainment, but that's it.  There was no reference to Mother Teresa's wise words linking abortion and general societal violence.  For that matter, there was no mention at all of the most brutal murders of 3000 tiny babies every day.  Those murders, of course, bring in buckets of money to Democrat coffers and they're accomplished with surgical weapons that cannot be utilized against any tyrannical thug that may crash down your door.

Yet another reason why I pray that the Vatican abolishes the USCCB.


  1. I'm surprised they didn't include immigration reform in their response to the shootings.

  2. Great points!


  3. The USCCB misses the mark on 99.99% of every social issue, they're rocking at missing the mark...I pray for the end of the USCCB

  4. I've been reading many articles on what seems senseless murder. Yes, we may need some control of who buys guns; we need to end violent TV shows and video games, after all, whose purpose do they serve?
    As I read that most of the mass murderers had a connection with Satanism, the bishops comment of this being a horrific EVIL, was right on, but this was not really addressed; only one sentence, our need to pray, responded to this.
    In contemplating this, I recalled one of the murderers I knew on the adolescent unit of the state mental health institution where I once worked. He'd shot his mother and two younger sisters. In between the second and third killing, a neighbor came to the door wondering if anything wrong, as they'd heard loud noises. Very rationally he'd responded, "No, nothing is wrong."
    The next day, he was sitting in the Day Room by himself; he looked very distraught; I gave him a hug. I thought later, "The blood of his mother and siblings is still on his hands," but I knew he needed comfort.
    After a period of evalutation, our psychiatrist said the boy was not mentally ill. I asked him, "How can that be? No person in his right mind could do such a thing."
    He only replied, "There are other things it could be", but did not elaborate.
    I've often thought of that. An involvement with drugs or Satanism came to my mind; I presume he was tested for drugs, which left in my mind an involvement with Satan.
    "No one", and I repeat, "No one", said, "It must have been the guns fault."
    That several violent events occured at Christmas time is not a coincidence. Satan hates Jesus. He hated him so much at birth we have the slaughter of the innocents as he tried to kill Jesus then. He thought he'd won at Mt. Calvary, but we know, "Our God Reigns."

    1. "Some control of who buys guns", but who does the controlling? The Second Amendment proscribes the Federal government from impinging upon the rights of citizens from keeping and bearing arms. We need to be able to defend ourselves against thugs of all sorts. Given the social/moral climate in which we find ourselves today, ceding any such control to the government may be akin to giving the hen-house keys to the fox.

      I'm also not too certain about the "ending of violent tv shows". Who will be tasked with that? If we look to the government, we may well be creating a worse problem than the one we seek to solve. I think that's best solved with prayer and with the pulpit. Boycotts of the shows' sponsors will be key; but we need a citizenry that will care enough to take action.


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