Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holy Father: "Social Justice" Must Shape Up

That is the gist of the Motu Proprio that Pope Benedict XVI recently released.  I link to it now and suggest that all read it carefully.  It's not long, but it is full of sorely-needed directives.  Look at the very first paragraph.  The Holy Father makes clear that charitable works cannot be separated from the proclamation of God's truth) all of God's truth such as salvation versus damnation, the sanctity of life, the proper use of sexuality, etc) and the sacraments.  In other words, you have all three, or you have none.

Here are other salient points:

  • "The Church’s charitable activity at all levels must avoid the risk of becoming just another form of organized social assistance."  
  • "The agencies referred to in Article 1 § 1 are required to select their personnel from among persons who share, or at least respect, the Catholic identity of these works."
  • "To ensure an evangelical witness in the service of charity, the diocesan Bishop is to take care that those who work in the Church’s charitable apostolate, along with due professional competence, give an example of Christian life and witness to a formation of heart which testifies to a faith working through charity."  (I would think this precludes Jack Jezreel, the Just Faith founder who has made plain that Just Faith promotes "gay rights" and "women's ordination")
  • "In particular, the diocesan Bishop is to ensure that charitable agencies dependent upon him do not receive financial support from groups or institutions that pursue ends contrary to Church’s teaching. Similarly, lest scandal be given to the faithful, the diocesan Bishop is to ensure that these charitable agencies do not accept contributions for initiatives whose ends, or the means used to pursue them, are not in conformity with the Church’s teaching."
I think you get the idea.  The Holy Father is saying to the CCHD, Just Faith, etc that enough is enough.  Somehow, though, I do believe that the folks who most need to hear it will be the ones so obtuse that they'll think it doesn't apply to them.  Perhaps this Motu Proprio is the proverbial "shot across the bow" to warn them that they might well lose their jobs.  Truth be told, I think CCHD and Just Faith (at least) will simply have to be cut loose from the Church as their foundings were jaded and inimical from the get-go.

A few weeks ago I posted a video where Michael Voris interviewed Michael Hichborn and Rob Gaspar.  Today both Voris and Hichborn posted videos regarding the Holy Father's statement.  I'll post them below.

From the Vortex: click here if you cannot see embedded video.

From American Life League: click here if you can't see embedded video.

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