Monday, May 8, 2017

DC Archdiocese Personnel Donating To Pro-Death Politicians

Father Charles Antonicelli is pastor of Annunciation Catholic Church on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington DC. reveals that he donated hundreds of dollars to Hillary Clinton during the last presidential election.

Last year I wrote of other anti-life donations made by individuals who hold, or recently held, positions of prominence within the Archdiocese of Washington.  Regarding Chuck Short, I wonder why he is allowed to have a column at all in Our Parish Times since his donations suggest complete lack of moral credibility.

By the way.. Regarding Kathleen Matthews, my colleague at the Archdiocse of Washington Catholic blog informs us that Kathleen Matthews is now state chair for the Maryland Democratic Party.

How are these individuals allowed to retain their positions and remain in the good graces of the DC chancery?  Yes, that question was rhetorical for the chancery is of the same mind in many respects as these pro-abortion Catholics.

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  1. These people aren't Catholic. They may call themselves 'Catholic, but they have as much right to call themselves Catholics as I have to call myself a space alien. They are complete frauds.


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