Sunday, May 28, 2017

Open Letter To Archbishop Lori Regarding St. Matthew's On Loch Raven Boulevard

Archbishop Lori, for several years now, St. Matthew's on Loch Raven Boulevard has been led by Father Joseph Muth.  At his direction this parish has openly promoted the mortal sin of sodomy within its parish structures.  It has openly participated in Baltimore's "gay pride days" these past several years.  With its parish organization known as LEAD, it is fostering and hastening the damnation of numerous parishioners.  A Catholic parish is supposed to be a place where Catholics can receive teaching and Sacraments that will assist them in their ultimate goal for heaven, not delude them into committing mortal sins that will hinder if not prevent their salvation.  Sadly, it is the latter that has been occurring for several years now.  You and your chancery staff cannot pretend to be ignorant of this travesty.

The scandals from that parish continue to multiply.  This parish apparently is having elections for its parish council.  According to its May 28th bulletin, one candidate is Jordan Differding.  I link to the bulletin now.  On page six, Mr. Differding plainly states that he is "engaged" to another man and that the two plan to "marry" on June 17 (I pray it's not at St Matthew's).  Differding, on his Facebook page, is quite up front regarding his disordered tendencies.   Father Muth cannot claim ignorance about the fact that a candidate for parish council has openly proclaimed his perversion and his intention to live in mortal sin.  Given Father Muth's history, it is likely that he applauds Differding's debauchery.

Your Excellency, enough is enough.  You cannot allow Catholic souls to be scandalized by a parish that is literally being led to hell.  You, as bishop, have some accountability before God for these souls, and those of the rest of the Baltimore archdiocese who stand to be led astray not only by the filth pouring forth from this parish, but also by the abysmal silence of its shepherds.

So what will you do??


  1. We might need to ask the woman over at his publicist's office. Her name is Eve Ning Crickets.

  2. Archbishop Lori has many strengths but he needs to be stronger on this issue. St. Ignatius in Mt. Vernon is very complicit with the group LEAD as well, with St. Vincent in Jonestown routinely giving voices to active dissenters too.

    My suspicion is that they are many in the chancery that are protecting Fr. Muth and St. Matthew's as this a problem that stretches way back. My understanding is that those that run the diocese are mostly highly liberal and many in the archdiocesan office are very supportive of St. Matthew's.

    Bishop Madden was a big supporter and I don't know how much influence he still has and I don't know if Bishop Parker who I believe is overseeing the city parishes feels differently.

    My suspicion is that Archbishop Lori would like the group to disappear but is being held in check by a diocese and city that are extremely liberal.

    I also wonder how much sway Cardinal O'Brien holds in the Vatican and over the archdiocese.

    Regardless I would love to see Archbishop Lori take a courageous stand here.

  3. I grew up in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. It has been very liberal since I can remember (1970s). Such a shame what's happened to the senior see of our nation.

  4. My guess is that Lori is somehow compromised.....

  5. Let me guess what will be done: nothing. But the responsibility before the Lord is great indeed. No halos are given for weak kneed prelates.

  6. The Archbishop will give a thorough and full account for his actions or lack thereof as Archbishop. He needs our prayers.


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