Saturday, May 27, 2017

Interview Between Cardinal Mueller And Raymond Arroyo

An interview between Raymond Arroyo and Cardinal Mueller aired on May 25 on the World Over.  My colleague at Tenth Crusade picked up more than I did.  I was quite frankly befuddled by all the verbal tap-dancing and gymnastics that I couldn't follow it.  Arroyo had much more patience than I would have exercised, had I been in his position.


  1. I have not seen any blog posts about Cardinal Muller's rather unusual commencement address at Christendom College which Raymond Arroyo
    mentions. Are there any that you know of?
    Link to to Cardinal Muller's Christendom College 2017 commencement address:

  2. As I saw in the combox of another site on this subject, Cardinal Mueller is trying to hang onto his job. The commentor came to the conclusion that his strategy is to keep out yet another Bergolian 'bozo' who will dance to Francis' destruction of doctrine, if he should be dismissed for his faithful witness. Mueller seemed as though he was straddling the fence and careful not to step on too many dissidents' toes. Who really knows, however, what Mueller's strategy is. In my humble opinion, he should have been bluntly and faithfully speaking out for Christ in His true Church, and let the chips fall where they may. What ever happened to allowing the Lord God to handle the outcome of your faithful witness? Mueller has done great damage to the Dubia Cardinals with that 'no public display' of the Dubia nonsense. He knows the Catechism of the Catholic Church better than some of us!! If you take your concerns and complaints to the 'brother' that is potentially harming the Church and he does not respond, then go to the entire Church with it!! The Dubia Cardinals did EXACTLY what they should have!! If Mueller doesn't do a 180, I'm afraid he may have to answer for that some day. He has a tremendous responsibility to lead the flock in the right direction unwaveringly no matter the outcome!! Those who are lukewarm will be spit out! Cardinal Mueller KNOWS BETTER, he lacked the courage, I'm afraid.

  3. Replies
    1. Like I said, you got more out of Mueller's gibberish than I did.

  4. Why does everyone think Mueller is traditional and conservative? He only appears that way when compared to Francis. He's just as much a modernist as all the conciliar "popes" prior to Francis.

    Ergo---Mueller is not going to save the church or speak out against his boss. Just like all those priests and prelates who signed the Ottavani letter---in the end they all stayed put, shut up, signed the document and kept their pensions. Mueller and the 4 Dubia dudes will be no different.

    Seattle kim

    1. Correction - the word popes should not be in quotes for they were indeed successors to Peter.


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