Thursday, May 11, 2017

When Katholyc Progressives Become Unhinged

We've all seen how frequently Pope Francis sneers at those who love Jesus by loving the Traditions of the Church that He established.  I link now to a few of my previous posts; other bloggers have also taken note.  Hitherto I have seen this attitude to be merely one of contempt.  While it might entail contempt, I wonder if it might also entail fear?  Perhaps there exists fear that we traditional Catholics simply will not roll over and play the subservient mice while he and his cronies attempt the deconstruction of Holy Mother Church.  That might be doubly true for those of us who are active in social media.

Pope Francis is a Jesuit.  That order has unfortunately become a bit of a hornets' nest, inculcating and sheltering all sorts of progressives.  Within the past few days, other dissidents have lobbed their own potshots at faithful Catholics who engaged the culture in various social media outlets.  They too, in their lashing and snarling, betray much resentment and fear of the truth.

Today the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter plopped this pile of pig poop into the internet world.  The object of Michael Sean Winter's vitriol is Church Militant TV.  In his title, Winters opines that Church Militant is "not authentically Catholic".  Recall that NCR's physical location is inside the Diocese of Kansas City.  In 2013, the bishop was Robert Finn.  He ordered the NCR to cease holding itself out as a Catholic publication while reminding them that his predecessor ordered the same thing.  So consider the hubris of this publication, itself ordered to stop calling itself a Catholic publication, in pronouncing Church Militant to be "not authentically Catholic".  Earlier today I posted a comment on that article to that effect.  Lo and behold, my comment is no longer there!  Fancy that!   Winters goes on to defend his progressive accomplices against us who hold the True Faith and who rebuke their wrongdoings: the abortifacient-peddling Catholic Relief Services, the dissident Cardinals Wuerl and Cupich and of course Father James Martin.  Speaking of Father Martin, we've heard much of his unabashed promotion of sexual deviancy lately.  Of course we rebuked him, and he doesn't like getting rebuked at all!  No-sir-ee!  In fact, he released his own snit-fit yesterday.

His Facebook page is public so I think you should be able to see this.  He calls the post "Catholic mean tweets".  A little progressive lexicon pointer: whenever one of them misbehaves, either in word or deed, and they are rebuked, they call both the rebuke and rebuker "mean" and "hateful".  In other words, they redefined to words "mean" and "hateful" to disparage any well-earned rebuke so that they won't consider themselves obliged to actually pay attention to it.  One almost has to pity the man as they watch this as he has no real cogent argument for his positions.  All he can do is call his opponents "mean".  In addition to pity, he needs prayers for indeed he puts his own soul at risk.

That last sentence goes for all the progressives.  While we pray for them, we must refute their errors, even though they whine and pout and sniff about how "mean and hateful" we are.


  1. St Francis Xavier, Ignatius Loyola and father Marquette must be spinning in their graves or in Heaven at what Jesuits under Am rag Martin Pope Francis ,Ven hd of order and ncr have turned the jesuit and Catholic cino ncr into.

  2. Whenever someone accuses me of being "mean" I interpret that in one of two non-mutually exclusive ways: (1) the person making the accusation has no case, and (2) they can't even sling one of their their favorite liberal epithets at me (homophobic, Islamophobic, racist,etc.).

  3. Sodomites tend to have hissy fits.

  4. It is ever more evident that the progressive left, both inside and outside of the Church are the ones that are 'mean and hateful'. They are 'progressively' (excuse the pun) becoming ever more 'unhinged' and have become increasingly VIOLENT to boot. Without a doubt, they are succumbing to the 'Diabolical Insanity' that is sweeping the world.

  5. You can always count on him to selectively quote scripture. He lumps in the truly uncharitable comments with those that simply state the truth, i.e., that he teaches error and promotes dissent. That is always the tactic of liberals. Build a straw man and then knock it down while ignoring the essence of the argument that is totally true. It is modernists like Fr. James Martin who tear down the Church from within, exactly as Pope St. Pius X (and others) made clear.

  6. Michael Sean Winters is an ideological whore posing as a Catholic, not unlike Mark Shea or the "Vox Nova" blog. During the 2008 Presidential election, Winters declared Sarah Palin to be an apostate because she was baptized as a Catholic yet attended a Pentecostal church. He conveniently ignores the fact that her parents moved and started attending the Pentecostal church in their new hometown when she was an infant! I wrote about this craziness for The American Thinker at the time: It's a puzzlement why anybody takes this jackass seriously as a Catholic "commentator."


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