Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Open Letter To Bishop Malooly Of The Diocese Of Wilmington (DE)

Preface: Bishop Francis Malooly of the Diocese of Wilmington in Delaware is Joe Biden's bishop.  It has been his duty all along to deny Holy Communion to the wayward Joe Biden, who resides in Delaware.  To date he has refused to do so.  When news reached him about Father Morley's denial of Holy Communion to Biden when the latter attended Mass in his church, Malooly's own dereliction of duty stunk in contrast.  Accordingly, Malooly released his snit-fit in the Catholic Dialog, the official propaganda news outlet of the Wilmington diocese.  Read it for yourselves here.  Below is my open-letter response to the bishop.


Your Excellency, the Catholic Dialog printed a statement issued by your chancery offices, presumably with your approval if not at your request.

Bishop Malooly has consistently refrained from politicizing the Eucharist, and will continue to do so. His preference, as with most bishops, is to interact with politicians individually who disagree with significant church teachings.

Please study Canon 915 very carefully.  Its directives to ministers of Holy Communion are clear; if someone obstinately persisting in grave, manifest sin presents him/herself for Holy Communion, he/she is to be denied Holy Communion.  That denial is not an option for the minister.  It is the minister's solemn obligation to do so.  Should you persist in direct disobedience to Canon 915 under the guise of "refraining from politicizing the Eucharist", you place your own soul in grave danger, as well as the soul of the one making the sacrilegious Communion with your cooperation.

In 2008, you stated that you thought that you "would get more mileage out of a conversation" with people like Biden.  During these intervening nine years, just how much "mileage" did you get?  The answer to that question is painfully obvious: zero-zip-nada, absolutely zilch.

So why do you (and other of like mind) continue down that primrose path?  Are you simply afraid of powerful politicians like Biden?  Do you hope to curry favors from him?  Do you simply not care?  Or maybe the answer is some combination of those three factors?  I can't say and quite frankly it doesn't matter.  Whatever the reasons, you disobey not only Canon 915 but Jesus Christ Himself.

Your Excellency, obedience to Canon Law isn't "politicizing" anything.  It is your duty as shepherd of the souls of Wilmington Catholics, including Joe Biden.  For the sake of all, dispense with all pretenses and obey Canon 915.


Ladies and gentlemen, in my post regarding Father Morley, I urged you all to support him by dropping notes of thanks to him and his bishop.  Now I must ask that you offer words of correction and even rebuke to Bishop Malooly.  Last week's episode in South Carolina might not have happened if Bishop Malooly had acted when he should.  The diocesan site is here.


  1. So, perhaps the Bishop cannot see that by supporting Biden's reception of Holy Communion, the Bishop himself is "someone obstinately persisting in grave, manifest sin?"

    1. Correct. JPII and BXVI should have deposed bishops who gave Communion to pro-aborts, because doing so is a mortal sin.


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