Sunday, August 30, 2020

Covid And BLM Meant To Pave Way For Socialism And New World Order

 On Friday 8/28, Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute published an address that he gave, reflecting on various current events and connecting some very obvious dots.  At the 32:58 mark, he begins to talk about an article mentioning "resetting the economy".  This "resetting" that is being bandied about by various "leaders" entails the introduction of "socialistic policies" and "green new deals".  Is anyone surprised?   Among these "leaders" is the World Economic Forum.  They specifically laud the "ideas" of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

At the 37:03 mark, Hichborn quotes them as stating that the Corona virus "has created an important opportunity".  While it certainly is an implmentation of the Alinskyian rule "never let a crisis go to waste", this is almost verbatum repeated by the pope in a recent address that he gave.  I will now post both videos below.

So now we have a reasonable supposition that the covid thing is being hyped in order to pave the way for socialism.  From the second video, it almost seems that the pope is in on the scam.  They are now becoming quite open about their schemes to implement this "new world order".  Hichborn mentions a site called  Take a look at it.  Please also watch the full videos.  We must inform ourselves and others, and need to be willing to invest the time to do so.

We have to do a few things to combat this socialistic, masonic evil being foisted upon us.  We must (if we aren't doing so already) commit to praying the Rosary every day.  In November, we must vote to defeat the baby-slaughter socialist party.  That means we vote Republican, from Trump on down.  Don't give me any blather about "sitting out the election" or voting "third party" for if you do, you will be sinning against the virtue of prudence (as well as committing other sins).

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