Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Pope Francis Flunked Biology 101

 Today the pope broadcast his accolades for a nun in Argentina for opening a home for "trans-women".  I put that in quotes for "trans-women" are really males who dress like women and insist that those surrounding them humor them in their charade.  Many of them have even had their male organs removed and take female hormone pills in a deliberate attempt to mutilate their masculine natures.  We don't need to guess at their motives to understand that their actions are inherently sinful.

The nun, Sister Monica Astorga Cremona, had a ribbon-cutting ceremony today for the apartments in which these males and their partners will live.  That's right.  She is directly facilitating homosexual perversion.  Far from being a laudible action, this constitutes formal and material cooperation with mortal sin - which is its own mortal sin.

In his praise of Sister's endeavor, the pope himself cooperated with that sin by referring to these males as "the girls".  The Vicar of Christ confirmed both the males (I won't call them "men" for real men don't carry on like that) and Sister in their mortal sins while at the same time denying simple biological facts.

We have yet another reason to pray our Rosaries daily.


  1. This is or should be a total scandal to all Catholics. But it probably will not be. He is absolutely affirming the LGBT agenda here. I try to mind my own business in some things. But as a woman, when men put on dresses and bright red lipstick and then claim they are women, I am insulted. I can't know the male experience, I'm not one. Even if I put on a suit, I don't know the male experience. Men who put on dresses and lipstick don't know the female experience, they don't, they can't. I feel really offended with drag queens, because they are actually mocking real women. They are exaggerating sexuality in a way that is gross, and their portrayals are often caricatures. I have a lot of sympathy for people who are confused about their identity, what a rough way to go through life, and I have a loved one who has suffered it. But it is not love to encourage someone in this confusion, because they are never happy. Studies have shown that even when people get surgery and their "change" is complete, they are still not happy. They will never be happy, no one can be, as long as they are in such conflict with the person God made them to be.
    The pope is a scandal, the nun is a scandal, they are the reason Catholics are flooding out and that sinkhole under the church is going to grow.

  2. All I can say is "COME CHASTISMENT COME"

  3. All I can say is "COME CHASTISMENT COME

  4. But I seem to recall that one time on an airplane a few years ago, Bergoglio said something about "gender ideology," so definitely pope, the gates of Hell blah blah blah, nothing to see here.

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