Monday, August 24, 2020

Our Lord Jesus Christ - A Teeny-Bopper?

 Recall this blasphemy from the current pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes.  It seems that is not his only episode at belittling the Person of Jesus Christ who is God Incarnate.

At the 7:30 am Mass on Sunday July 26, Father Walsh remarked during his homily as he commented on the Gospel, that up to that point recorded in the Gospel, Jesus had been talking "like a teen-aged girl".

Whatever else he may have said in that homily, be it good or bad, is irrelevant.  He dared to speak irreverently of Our Lord, in whose name Father was ostensibly ordained.  By the way, his quip also betrays a rather condescending opinion of teen-aged girls, if he's using their demographic grouping as a tool for mockery.

Again, I'd suggest that parishioners contact him with concerns.  You may wish to consider redirecting your contributions elsewhere.  One of the Six Precepts of the Church is to "support the work of the Church".  Since when is it the "work of the Church" to make Our Lord the butt of tasteless, irreverent jokes?

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  1. Just wondered if you had heard this Priest--Fr. James Altman of St. James the Less - La Crosse, WI. A friend of ours recently texted us about him, and we are so grateful. He doesn't beat around the bush at all. I hope he stays around and outlasts those clerics who need conversion.


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