Friday, August 7, 2020

Vatican Academy - "Forget God! We Want Our Audience!"

That is exactly what the Vatican said when they were caught several weeks ago wasting a bunch of paper and ink on that verbose plop that blamed the covid virus on us not paying attention to that other piece of nonsense called Laudato Si.

They deliberately disregarded God in order to promulgate their earth-worship tripe.  It's more important to them that they have the "widest possible audience" to push their globalist new-world order tripe.  All that neopalagian, triumphalist talk of Jesus, sin, eternal salvation, etc might alienate the ungodly from the really important stuff, you see!  Not only might the promulgation of the One True Faith offend the sensibilities of atheists, but that message flies in the face of the lies of the "new world order" that these progressives want to promulgate.

Doesn't that put the Lourdes debacle (see previous post) in a whole new light?

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