Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Archdiocese Of Baltimore Foisting Gender Fluid Madness On Its Pupils

 Let that sentence sink in for a moment.  The Archdiocese isn't merely sitting by while outside forces are impinging upon their schools (as if such cowardice wouldn't be bad enough).  The Archdiocese is actually ordering its schools to use pronouns according to the wishes of mentally ill students.  Church Militant broke the story.

This crime is being perpetrated by two individuals.  The first is Denise Ball, Assistant Superintendent for the Archdiocese's schools.  The second is Benjamin Lorenz, assistant principal of the School of the Incarnation.  A third-grade pupil at that school imagines herself to be a boy.  Ball and Lorenz have been meeting frequently.  Ball has told other teachers at that school that they will be fired if they don't play along with the child's delusions and use masculine pronouns.  The principal, Nancy Baker, seems to be in cahoots and has been trying to convince parents to swallow this bile.

Apparently there are a number of parents outraged over this, but are afraid to come forward out of "fear of retaliation".  Of course this is why the Church suffers, when its adherents refuse to suffer for her.  If their fears center around their own children, may I suggest that the children might be better off if they were removed?  Homeschooling would be the ideal, but if that is impossible, I daresay that in this case, public schools would be superior to this Incarnation school.  At least in public school there would be no indication that the Church is on board with the promotion of perversions and gender confusion.  Let this supposedly Catholic school do without their tuition money and see if they might sing a different tune.

Lori has shown a regrettable tendency to look the other way when it comes to the gay infestation in his diocese.  The CM piece mentioned St Matthew's in Baltimore as being a gay-fomenting parish.  A short time ago, Lori requested that the pastor resign by September - that is, this month.  Has that happened?  What truly fascinates me right now is that I cannot find the parish's website.  What was the parish's site,, takes me to some auto loan site.  Now why is that?  They are listed on the Baltimore Archdiocese site: with Father Joseph Muth still listed as pastor.  Do we think he'll be gone in a week?  Are the archdiocesan personnel having fits that we just blew the cover off yet another capitulation to the gays?

The CM piece did omit mention of St Ignatius, that features a "gay-married" guy as head of its LGBTQ dating service ministry.  Until very recently this guy was parish council chair.  There are other gay-infested churches in Baltimore.

The CM piece notes how Lori bristled when President Trump called Baltimore a "dangerous and filthy place".  Well, maybe there's a reason why Lori was stung by that piece of truth.  Take a look at all those de facto gay dating services in the aforementioned parishes and you can see much of the filth is gurgling from those parishes.  When Catholic churches are putting forth this bile, with what appears to be tacit approval from the bishop, of course the spiritual ramifications will include violence in the streets.

Some action items that I might suggest, in addition to the daily Rosaries that we all need to be praying at this time, include:
  • Faithful Catholics local to the area, getting together and organizing so they can protest, form homeschooling coalitions, etc
  • Complete cessation of donations to any parish that has an "LGBTQ" cabal.  Let your pastor know that your dollars will not fund any of that pabulum.
  • The CM piece mentioned parents who are afraid.  They must stand up to their fears and stand up to the gay-nazi tyrants in their parish.  What kind of message does their timidity send to their children?
Note:  Here are phone numbers.  Call them.  Let them know that what they are doing is inherently immoral and will undermine the faith and morals of the students.  The school will try to pass the buck to the archdiocese (they did when I called them).  Let them know that does not excuse their obedience to an inherently immoral directive.  When you call the archdiocese, Ms. Ball will be unavailable (ahem!).  Leave a message anyway.
  • School 410-519-2285
  • Archdiocesan school office 410-547-5515

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  1. Speaking of "fluid Madness", it seems to me that the man, Lori, is a couple of quarts low. (I hope I used the proper gender).


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