Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Must The Progressives Pollute Everything Of Beauty?

 Remember this trash from five years ago?  That was plopped upon us by Pope Francis' Pontifical Council for Culture.  Well, I guess that is their idea of culture.  Then there's this from a few weeks ago, when Fr Robert Walsh dared to poke fun at the Holy Face of Jesus.

While that last stunt was the literal denigration of Jesus in favor of the covid idol, the "black lives matter" idol also received worship at the expense of Our Lord.  The now-misnamed Pontifical Academy for Life profaned a replica of Michelangelo's  Pieta statue by slathering black paint over the image of Jesus. These so-called "social justice warriors" are showing their true colors by blaspheming our Lord to further their warped goals.

Therefore, the short answer to the question in this post's title is "yes".  They must because that is the fruit of their depraved ideologies.  Forsaking Jesus, who is the Way, Truth and Life, they also forsake Him who is the source and inspiration of truly beautiful art, music, culture.  They mock and hate our Lord so they must totally trash anything of truth and beauty that gives Him glory.  They take the pristine and render it putrid.  They take the inspirational and render it insipid.  They take truth and mutilate it into trash.  Lovely music becomes lurid.

I regret to opine that while this cabal, headed by the pope, runs the Vatican, we can only expect to see more eyesores and outrages.

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  1. Amen, Amen, Amen. The necessity that the clergy PERSONALLY have a high sense of culture and art has never been more excruciatingly evident.


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