Saturday, September 12, 2020

Important Calls To Action

Below is a Vortex from a few days ago.  I'm going to focus on one aspect of it only.  Voris talked about how Jesus required labor from the servants to perform His first miracle at Cana.  He was granting Our Lady's request, but required human effort.  When I say "required", I don't mean He needed the servants per se.  Rather, He commanded it because He chooses to work through us, not in lieu of us or in spite of us.  Here is the video, and below that I will have more commentary.

I see on many social media pages discussions of various evils, such as the one being perpetrated against Father James Altman - the subject of my two previous blog posts.  Many people voice their anger and disappointment.  Some will suggest prayer.  All too seldom do I see suggestions for practical actions.  It is the last that is sorely lacking.  From what we can glean from the vortex, it is that through which Our Lord might wish to work.

One thing I will say for the left is that when they hear calls to action from their leaders, they respond with much determination and alacrity.  For the most part, I do not see that same sense of purpose in play amongst our numbers.  We are serving Our Lord.  Does He not deserve our best?  In addition to contacting the La Crosse diocese directly, please sign this petition on the LifeSiteNews page.

In addition to the matter of Father Altman, another call to action has been issued that deserves our attention.  We hear from Church Militant that a lay Catholic group has called upon DC Archbishop Gregory to denounce the anti-Catholic bigotry in the Democratic Party, a trait that the dems no longer bother to conceal.  Join your voices with their's; here is the contact information for the Archdiocese.

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  1. Sign the petition for Fr. Altman at LifeSiteNews.


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