Thursday, September 10, 2020

Please Contact Bishop Callahan, Tell Him To Stop Punishing A Priest For Telling The Unvarnished Truth

 This post follows upon the previous post.  Bishop Callahan is lashing out at Father Altman by forbidding any further live-streaming of his Masses.  Father touches upon the controversy in his homily.  At the end of this video is again a plea for prayers and for petitioning the bishop to recant his evil towards Father.


  1. We need these livestreams. Now more than ever. This is not the first priest who gave holy inspiring sermons who was told to stop spreading them. I know we are butting up against the time where the church follows her savior into a suffering and a passion, but it is still so very very hard.
    I am posting tweeting and praying. May 60000 people show up Sunday for the rosary!!!

  2. Bishop Callahan, both my husband and I stand firmly behind Father James Altman. We are infused with hope when listening to priests who are filled with such passion and fire when speaking of the Truth of the Catholic faith. Unfortunately, much of the Catholic Church has become so "Protestanized" that Jesus Christ is seen more as an amicable young man standing in a meadow handing out balloons! The Truth of our faith does not come in a myriad of shades of gray or colors of the rainbow. There is only one Truth and this is what Father Altman makes clear. Quoting Paul: "Am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a bond-servant of Christ" (Galatians 1:10). Father Altman is a bond-servant of Christ!

  3. Father is right-on-target. So much of our Faith is "both/and" not "either/or".

    It's faith and works not faith alone or works alone.

    It's Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture not either of those alone.

    The Holy Mass is both a sacrifice and a celebration not either/or (yet it is first and foremost a Holy Sacrifice).

    The Holy Catholic Faith is to be transmitted with charity *and* clarity. (1 Peter 3:15, Col. 4:6)

  4. One thing everyone can do is sign the petition at LifeSiteNews showing support for Fr. Altman. And then send a message to Bishop Callahan. It's up to 60,000. Let's make it 100,000.

    1. With all due respect, these petitions are wholly inadequate to the point of being useless. We really do have to pick up our phones and make those calls and/or send emails and/or write letters (sending those certified mail). Those in and near La Crosse need to hold protests at Callahan's residence, picket his appearances, leaflet church parking lots. Let's fight.

  5. bishop Callahan is ignorant, and not a True Catholic, or Christian , he is a coward and a Worm, and a MONSTER!!!!! What is worse the very same adjective apply to the so-called heretic pope!!!! They are all Greedy,Godless,PERVERTED Phonies they are NOT serving CHRIST they are serving their own DISTORTED EGOS!!!! Why are the TRUE Bishops and Cardinals not BRAINSTORMING to oust this PATHETIC WICKED HERETIC, FRANCIS????? This is an ongoing nightmare, one of my so-called Pastors at B;essed Sacrament in Hollywood,CA urged us to support GAY Pride Moth???????????It makes one want to VOMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kick Father FRANK OUT!!!!

  6. I am beyond sickened,disgusted and just sooo numbed out about Callahan,his ignorance of biblical integrity! And beyond horrified with Rome and this so-called pope, there is nooo leadership in The Vatican, just men with egos that are out of control and not serving the true mission and the heart of the church and this nightmanre has gonnnne on far tooo long! I will voice continue to voice my disgust to my los Angles diocese, I will NOT TOLERATE any PASTOR esp in my own parish, encouraging us to support the homosexual gay pride month, as Father Frank did last week at mass! Shame on him and all the biblically ignorant clergy, like Callahan! They will have to answer to God! And I pray all the Catholics vote with their wallets and voice our frustration over this dangerous MOCKERY that just drones on and on, and still they want our money????


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