Thursday, October 1, 2020

Why Does The Archdiocese Of Baltimore Refuse To Call Out Evils By Name?

The Archdiocese of Baltimore, when dealing with intrinsic evils such as abortion and homosexual perversions, has adopted the practice of not actually naming said evils.  Two days ago, I did a phone interview with Denise Ball, assistant superintendent of schools for the Archdiocese.  The main topic of conversation was that deplorable arm-twisting of teachers of the School of the Incarnation located in Gambrills.  In order to cater to one well-connected but seriously confused little girl, the teachers were ordered, under pain of termination, to use masculine pronouns per the girl's dictates.

That exchange is in the video below.  It appears that her main purpose in the conversation was to read a canned statement that she must be spouting to everyone.  The language she used was very similar to that quoted in the Church Militant article.  I then pressed her on whether or not the archdiocese was at least permitting the teachers to use incorrect pronouns to appease the child.  Notice she did not answer.  She gave the excuse that I was recording the conversation.  However, I believe that had the archdiocese instructed the teachers to remain objectively truthful in their dealings with the girl, she would have trumpeted that to me quite loudly.  The coddling of homosexual perversion and the scandalization of children is allowed to run rampant at that place, and in other locales in the archdiocese, as I cited last week.  Is the archdiocese being cowed into silence, by bribery or blackmail, or (God forbid) all-too-willing cooperation by corrupt clergy?

That last question comes to mind as we contemplate what Church Militant discovered in reading the Archdiocese of Baltimore's sorry excuse for a voters' guide.  Please notice in all that blather about "civility", there is not one mention of moral matters that simply are not subject to negotiation or compromise.  They are:

  1. The overarching imperative need to eradicate the baby-slaughter known as abortion.
  2. The need to deal with murder at the other end of the life spectrum, also known as euthanasia, or "death with dignity".
  3. Abusing tiny children as guinea pigs in what is called "embryonic stem cell research".
  4. The attempt to play God by attempting to create human life via cloning
  5. The mockery of the sacrament of matrimony by allowing homosexual to pretend that they are married
The CM piece mentions that abortion wasn't once mentioned in that guide.  I did not see any of these five mentioned once in that entire tome.  The archbishop waxes mournful about the "rancor" and "division" present in society.  Dear Archbishop Lori and all the other pantywaists, understand this.  As long as the culture of death is increasing not only in secular society but in the church hierarchy as well, rancor and division are not only inevitable, they are absolutely necessary.

So what is the archdiocese trying to accomplish, by demurring to call out those five evils by name?  Whom are they trying to placate, and why???

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  1. There is a much more sinister agenda going on. See the section CLERGY COMPLICITY in my

    also note: the sources cited at the end of the above article and:

    Guy, Texas


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