Monday, May 25, 2020

Marshall: Freemasons Praise Pope Francis

The document to which Marshall refers, that is the occasion for the acolades from the Masons, is the "Document On Human Fraternity And Living Together" that Pope Francis signed with an Islamic leader last year.  That link takes you to the document as published on the Vatican's website.  A little more than halfway down is the statement "the diversity of religions..are willed by God".  Anyone involved in the crafting, signing and promulgation of this document, containing this heresy, has committed the sin of idolatry.  Given the work and deliberation that went into this mess, we must consider that the conditionf for mortal sin are present.

The "new world order" and the "one religion" goals are desired by Masons.  Marshall cites the Catholic faith as an obstacle to these goals.  He doesn't mention another obstacle that the Masons might wish to eliminate - the United States.  Oh, yes, many in high places are masons, but the bulk of ordinary citizens are not.  Even though they have been largely corrupted by sins of excess and impurity, there remains just enough sense of history that must be neutralized.  Hence we see, during this corona panic, the undermining of constitutional rule of law and the brainwashing of the populace into blindly accepting the dictates of whoever happens to be holding political office.  They have already succeeded to a large extent, but not completely yet.  The shuttering of churches, economic and social lives is part and parcel of the attempt to extinguish the sense of who we are as a nation.  This scenario is being repeated in most of the countries that comprise western civilization.  We have been divorced from our own spiritual and civic heritage.  When - if - we emerge from this, we have much damage control to accomplish - both in learning our national traditions but more importantly in rediscovering what Our Lord require of us and His Church.

Again, to establish the New World Order, its would-be architects understand that western civilization, with its Christian underpinnings, must be obliterated.  Even some honest atheiests understand the unbreakable link between western civiliation and Christianity.  More and more of them are beginning to understand that if Christianity is marginalized, the moral underpinnings behind civilization will likewise vanish, leaving behind a resurence of barbarism and anarchy in its wake. As you read that, notice they had no praise at all for Islam.  Unless Pope Francis is a complete idiot - and I don't believe he is - he is aware and complicit in all this.  It's interesting that the pope fancies himself to be modeled after St Francis.  However, the five Franciscan protomartyrs were martyred for preaching Christianity to Muslims.  They must be aghast at the pope's capitulation to the Muslins with the document cited above.

The masks are falling off the perpetrators.  But are the scales falling off enough eyes?

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