Friday, December 4, 2009

Mikulski - "Abortion Is Preventative Care"?

What do you think when you hear the term "preventative care"?  Don't you think of measures taken to prevent disease?  Common-sense people might think of weight-loss programs or smoking-cessation programs or just a proper healthy lifestyle when the term "preventative care" is mentioned to them.  However, that holds true only for folks with common sense.  Common sense is not so common within the halls of Congress these days.

The latest demonstration of the rarity of common sense comes from Maryland's own Senator Barbara Mikulski, a pro-abortion disobedient Catholic who has roamed the Senate halls for far too long.  As if the Obama-Death-Scare bill weren't enough of an abomination, Mikulski went and added her own special touch of depravity to it.  Yesterday the Senate voted 61-39 to pass her Amendment 2791.  It deals with "preventative care" and would make all-too-possible the categorization of abortion as "preventative care".  It would be up to the Secretary of Health and Human Services to nail down that definition.  Since we all know just who that Secretary is, Kathleen Sebelius (another who disgraces the name Catholic), we know that will happen in a heart beat.  Moreover, private insurance companies would be required to cover this "preventative care".  (They already are in Maryland, but this would become nationwide.)

Don't you just wonder just what "disease" this new "preventative care" is supposed to prevent?  The only thing that will be "prevented" is the birth of precious babies.

Ladies and gentlemen, take heart!  Mikulski is up for reelection in 2010!  On the Republican side, there is actually a decent candidate who is not some bland RINO-type that the Maryland Republican honchos like to stuff down our throats.  His name is Jim Rutledge, and I urge you to seriously consider supporting him.  His website makes clear that he is conservative on moral values and he acknowledges God as creator of life.

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  1. If you really want to Beat Barb check out my friend Dr. Eric Wargotz. As one of Marylands most well respected Doctors he knows the realities of the medical system and knows how to fix it and the healthcare problem we face. As a doctor and as the Commissioner for Queen Annes county, Eric has as been a great leader and is now ready to do it for all the people of Maryland.
    Check him out at

    He's the only only one who can take down Barb in 2010!!!!


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