Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Info On the Would-Be Detroit Bomber

I heard on the radio today that Robert Gibbs said that there were over 500,000 names on the terrorist list, as if that were an excuse.  It doesn't take a computer that long to scan through a file of that size.  However, let's say, just for argument's sake, that Gibbs was right.  Were there other clues that might have tipped off the security people that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was a threat?  Let's see..
  1. His father, a high-ranking Nigerian official who suspected his son's radical proclivities, called the local American embassy to warn them.  Should that have raised red flags?
  2. He paid for his ticket with cash.  For most sane people, alarm bells would have sounded loudly; why not in this case?
  3. His ticket was "one-way".  That is a classic sign of a potential threat.
  4. He had no luggage.  Why did that not raise suspicions?
Items 2-4 above suggest that Abdulmutallab was a fairly stupid individual, and that might be why his fellow passengers are alive today.  Unfortunately, Homeland Security and its partner agencies were equally brain-dead, if not more so.

So now that we see how our Federal tax dollars were hard(ly) at work with regards to security, can we just imagine this joyous scenario that will most assuredly occur should the Hell Bill pass?  Let's say we have a government-appointed doctor who examines a patient..

Doctor:  "Good morning.  What are your symptoms?"
Patient: "I'm short of breath.  I have a tightness in my chest and pains going down my left arm and up my jaw."
Doctor: "Indigestion.  If that doesn't work, call the goverment office next week and maybe you can be seen in a month or so."
Patient never calls because he drops dead from another heart attack the next day.

Yep!  That's coming soon to a family near you if this mess passes!   Hello, USCCB and MCC - are you awake yet??

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