Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

During the hearings at the Montgomery County Council on December 1st, we kept hearing from those who favor the de facto strangulation of the crisis pregnancy centers their "concerns" about the status of the cpcs.  They seem very intent on emphasizing that cpcs are "non-medical".  Please watch some of the clips in earlier postings to observe.

I do recommend that you review closely the testimony of Elisabeth Sowecke that was posted last Saturday.  I posted that testimony in its entirety.  In light of the almost perjorative usage of the term "non-medical" to describe the cpcs, I do find some pieces of Ms. Sowecke's testimony to be rather curious.  Listen closely to these excerpts.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

She states that it is her "duty to provide patients with accurate information".  Well, isn't that what the volunteers of the cpcs do?  Obviously there are differing opinions as to what constitutes "accurate information".  Now what are her qualifications for offering this "information"?

She states that patients trust her word as a "health care professional".  Now here is where questions start to arise.  What constitutes a "health care professional"?  An online search of official state licensing boards will make evident that Ms. Sowecke has no medical license, nor is she licensed as a social worker, nor a psychologist.   Moreover, a resume that she posted on Linkedin does not indicate any license.  In fact, it does not indicate any preparation for a career in a medical setting.  According to the resume, the highest degree she seems to have attained is a bachelor's in creative writing and fines arts.  That's nice, but how would that qualify her to assume the mantle of "health care professional"?

It seems safe to assume that she may have undergone some "on-the-job" or inservice training, either at Potomac Family Planning or at one of her previous pro-abortion jobs.  In other words, it does not appear that she has had any more training than the average cpc volunteer.  We heard quite a bit from the directors of the cpcs (all four testified) of the extensive training that they require of their volunteers.

Now contemplate this.  Ms. Sowecke, who apparently has had no professional education leading to licensure is holding herself out as a "health care professional".  Yet she joins the gaggle of those who sit in derision over the cpc and their volunteers - some who have had professional training!  Does pro-abortion arrogance know no bounds?

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