Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nelson/Hatch/Casey Amendment Killed. So What???

I am truly baffled by the crying, whining, kvetching and moaning about these so-called "pro-life amendments."  This Senate amendment, and the Stupak amendment are really nothing more than opiates tossed to us in an attempt to fool us into thinking that the Obama Death Care bill is not so bad after all.  It is truly galling to think that if the Stupak Amendment hadn't passed, then the whole damned thing might have gone down in flames where it belongs.

Of course, the USCCB (Undercover Socialists Cleverly Camouflaged as Bishops) would be breathlessly panting after these amendments, as too many of them really do think that government is the answer to everything (subsidiarity, anyone?).  But why are so many pro-life groups guzzling that koolaid?

I for one thank God Almighty that the charade is over.  We need to get on with our real job of making sure that the Obama Death Care Bill is defeated in its entirety.

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