Thursday, December 10, 2009

Watch a "Full Service Women's Clinic" in Action - God Have Mercy!

Pro-abortion factions state that they want clinics to offer a "full range of options" to women.  Watch below to see one such "option" that occurred at A Preferred Women's Health Center in Charlotte, NC this past week.  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

Since the Montgomery County Council won't dream of dictating that abortuaries tell the whole truth about their offerings, we display it now for all to see.

As you'll note in the video, there is ample reason to believe that this woman was dead as she was carried to the ambulance.  May God have mercy on her soul, and those who influenced her decision to abort her baby - and herself in the process.  May God have mercy on those who would cavalierly dissuade a woman from seeking real help and who would put her in real harm's way.

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