Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When, Oh When, Will the Bishops Take Off Their Rose-Colored Glasses??

While the bishops voiced "disappointment" that the Nelson-Hatch-Casey Amendment was defeated, they insist on clinging to the fairy-tale hope of the Hell Bill as constituting "much-needed reform."  Cardinal George said, ""Failure to exclude abortion funding will turn allies into adversaries and require us and others to oppose this bill because it abandons both principle and precedent."

Your Eminences and Your Excellencies, please open your eyes and your ears and put your brains in gear!  Listen to what Senators Mikulski and Feinstein are saying about abortion funding being "morally correct."  For all their other odious faults, at least these two pro-aborts are up front about what their Democrat colleagues are going to put on the Senate floor.  Can the USCCB really be so obtuse regarding this situation?  Surely they must realize that even if a phony funding ban goes through, that it will be quietly removed later.  I fear they really aren't that naive - that in many ways, the abortion funding is not high on their radar screen.

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