Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Traitorous Bishops Galore

Yes, they abound.  At this time a retired Italian bishop has earned top (or bottom) ranking of sacrilege and betrayal.  Bishop Raffaele Nogaro, bishop emeritus of Caserta, said that he "is ready to turn all the churches into mosques" to facilitate the de facto muslim invasion of his country.

When I first heard of this, the term "judas priest" came to mind.  Indeed, he voiced his willingness to cast aside the Blessed Sacrament so that idolatry could be conducted in sacred grounds.  Would he be willing to remodel the churches so that child-"marriages" could take place or make rooms for the performance of female genital mutilation?

In addition to the passage from Matthew 15 to which the linked article refers, I'd suggest for consideration Matthew 24, beginning at verse 11.  Therein Jesus warns not only of false prophets but also of "the abomination of desolation..standing in the holy place".  We can also think back to Exodus 32, the first instance of mass idolatry committed by God's people - instigated by Aaron the first high priest.  While God forgave the people after exacting a great punishment, Aaron would never see the promised land.  Will these scenarios be repeated to appease those who hold to the barbarism of Islam?  We can be grateful that Nogaro is an emeritus and not the actual prelate, thus lacking authority to implement his treachery - but how many more are of his mindset?  Now Judas betrayed Our Lord for thirty pieces of silver.  What are the "thirty pieces" being offered to Nogaro?  Is George Soros the financier behind all this?

Coming stateside, we now deal with more antics from Cardinal Cupich.  Recently, he caused Father Frank Phillips, a traditional priest from the Canons Regular of St John Cantius, to be removed as pastor of the parish of that same name because of allegations of improper conduct.  Despite the proper investigations that exonerated Father Phillips, Cardinal Cupich refuses to restore him to his former position.  Father will take recourse to canon law; I pray he prevails.

Meanwhile, a real dissident Chicago priest, Father Michael Pfleger (Where have we heard that name before?  Oh, yes!  He's "Obama's other pastor"!) decided to protest gun violence by shutting down a major highway for several hours.  Cardinal Cupich reacted by thanking officials for allowing Pfleger's debacle to occur.  By the way - take a look at Father's shirt.  Those are raised fists!  They are most commonly associated with violent revolution - the kind that Michael Sean Winters awaits with bated breath!  They certainly don't evince sentiments of peace and non-violence!  But then again, Father Pfleger did threaten to "snuff out" a local gun shop owner - all in the name of peace!

So Cardinal Cupich stabs faithful priests in the back while allowing renegade priests to run rampant.  He and Bishop Nogaro are but two of many "judas priest" bishops.


  1. I just pray that one day, sanity will return to the Catholic Church. In the meantime, I try to ignore these idiots who are called Father, Bishop, Cardinal, and especially Pope.

  2. jmbutk-You just might enjoy my When the bishops tell you any democrat candidate is a living saint, get ready to spread the word this fall and in 2020: it is a mortal sin to vote for any democrat. God bless all in your house. Guy McClung, Texas

    1. Do good, avoid evil, and get ye to a Traditional Latin Mass!

  3. How far does a cleric have to apostasize before sacraments are invalid?

  4. It all comes back, I think, to the homosexualization of the clergy. How many bishops are sodomites? How many continue to get away with it because they receive special protection from both Church and civil authorities? How much money is spent in bribes? Bishop Bransfield in Wheeling/Charleston comes to mind. I fully expect, at some point, that the truth will come out about him. He has turned Wheeling into a gay enclave with a chancery run by the lavender mafia. Let's pray that all the rot is exposed. So far, Bransfield has been able to get away with it, just as Cardinal McCarrick did for years, but the genie is out of the bottle and sooner or later the truth will out just as it did with McCarrick.


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