Monday, September 3, 2018

Wuerl's Appearance At Little Flower Today

Yesterday I suggested that concerned Catholics gather outside Little Flower Church this evening to pray a Rosary and to let the cardinal know that we won't let this matter of him harboring a criminal be forgotten.  I realize it was short notice, but unfortunately I was the only one there - well, not entirely.

At The Mass Ave entrance
I arrived at the Massachusetts Avenue entrance about 4:30, hoping to greet the cardinal with my bullhorn.  At the top of the driveway I saw a Montgomery County police cruiser (see photo).  This officer was looking into each and every car that pulled in.  One might have thought they were pulling into a military base containing secret weapons, the way that the cars were being scrutinized.

I too watched the cars for Cardinal Wuerl; later I found out that he had already scurried in.  I was praying the Rosary when a woman walked down from the parish grounds to chat with me.  Apparently she is a registered parishioner and tried to stop inside the Church to visit the Blessed Sacrament.  She was told she couldn't do so, as there was a "private function" occurring.  I don't recall whether or not she was aware of Wuerl's presence.  Regardless, does Canon Law permit the barring of Catholics from praying in their own Church?

At Chesterbrook
As we were talking, several men came over to us.  They had heard that George Neumayr was there and were trying to locate them.  They mentioned that they saw police at every entrance to the parish grounds.  They and the lady went off to find Neumayr.

At about 5:15 I headed to my car and drove to the other entrances.  Both were towards the back, away from Mass Ave.  I took pictures.  Here's one to the west of the church,   Yes, you are looking at three county cruisers.

The bottom picture is the last entrance to the east of the church, at Kirkwood and Jordan.  Two cruisers block that entrance.

At Kirkwood and Jordan
So there you have it - six cruisers in total!  I didn't know that Montgomery County was so crime-free that they could spare six or more officers to basically sit in the parking lot of Little Flower and twiddle their thumbs.  I certainly hope no real crimes (you know, things like rape and murder and theft, etc) happened with these cops just sitting there.

Of what was the chancery and/or parish afraid?  Were they afraid that Neumayr or I or someone else might have dared to (gasp!) ask the cardinal a question?  Neumayr asked one of them who called them there.  The officer said their lieutenant ordered them there.  That makes sense; those officers really had no say; they were dispatched to Little Flower so off they went.  The question is, who requested their presence, and why?  We Montgomery County citizens have a right to know for that was paid by our tax dollars.

So what happened inside that meeting?  Were the priests allowed to voice their concerns?  Or did they have the pope's sanctimonious demands for "silence" (see here and here) cast into their teeth?


  1. Six patrol officers protecting one 🐍.

  2. No one fears punishment so much as the guilt-ridden.

  3. This was outstanding coverage and gave the true dynamics of what was actually going on here. I read your blog yesterday and tried to play the video several times with no success so I went to Fox News. I saw the man get up, tell Cd. Wurel he should be ashamed and leave the church, with virtually no emotion from the remaining laity. What I was extremely sadden by was, at the end of Wurel's speech and the Pastor's affirming Wuerl, the laity broke out in applause!!!!
    I convinced myself that they were bused in by Soros and were told what to do at the meeting prior to Mass.
    Is it possible there are still so many SHEEPLE??????? Lord have mercy!

  4. Neumayr has been great in his coverage and pressure of Wuerl. Please keep it up, George.


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