Friday, July 24, 2020

Vatican Pontificates On Covid

The recently bastardized Pontifical Academy for Life (hereinafter referred to as Paglia's Peons) has released a 4,000-word tome entitled, well, the title is a mouthful in and of itself.  One little tidbit about the title is that part of it is "untimely meditations".  It's untimely, alright.  Here is the link to it as it appears on the Vatican website.

Notice that it is a pdf.  That means word searches can be done on it.  Others such as Church Militant notice that some key words are missing: Jesus, God, church, sacraments.  Other words missing include sin, repent, eternity, heaven.  The word "hell" is used only to describe refugee camps.

This is ostensibly a Catholic document, posted on the Vatican website.  In all those 4000+ words, they couldn't mention Jesus Christ  just once?  For crying out loud - we are His Church!

What words do we find?  Well, there's earth, poverty, solidarity, global, social - words that one might expect to find in a social justice tome.  I'm surprised that words such as accompany and surprise didn't make it in there.

So what is really to blame for Covid, according to Paglia's Peons?  According to this display of verbosity, the causes are myriad:
  • deforestation
  • exagerated demand for meat by first world countries
  • financial greed
The common theme is this, according to Paglia's Peons.  We didn't do sufficient obeisance to Laudato Si, thus we are reaping the consequences.  They certainly won't address the role that China played in this pandemic, be that role deliberate or inadvertent.  Covid originated there; recall that it was originally called the Wuhan virus.  Large Eurpoean infestations first arose in areas heavily populated by Chinese.  But of course it wouldn't be appropriate for Paglia's Peons to mention that inconvenient little truth, seeing how the Vatican is suspected of being on the payroll of the Chicoms, to the tune of billions of dollars.

However, is it possible that Covid was meant by God to get our attention so that we would worship and obey Him as He has taught for centuries?  Instead, the bishops for the most part shamed their sainted predecessors and cowarded behind their shuttered doors, depriving their flocks of salvation-giving Sacraments.

Also today we received word that the US hierarchy is having a snit-fit because the President will not count illegal aliens in the US Census.  I can see where that might put a krinkle in their attempts to get government funding for settling illegals in this country.  But this is what the bishops are atwitter over as they disregard the Faithful who cannot get to Confession or receive Last Rites in hospitals.

Again, we see the USCCB bunch waxing indignant over the President actually acting according to the Constitution, but when it comes to state and local tin-horn tyrants closing their church doors, they are silent.  What's more, many of them positively approve of their flocks being deprived of the avenues for much-needed sanctifying grace.


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