Thursday, February 26, 2015

50 Shades Of Gray Rules At Vatican Culture Institute

From the same Vatican office that plopped on us all the bimbo video comes their latest pornographic trash.

I made this large so that all can see how this office has arrogantly dismissed the complaints of good Catholics.  Now think of it!  This office is called the Pontifical Council for Culture.  Wouldn't you think that such an office in the Church would be promoting uplifting religious art and music that were inspired by Catholic teaching, the lives of Jesus, Mary and other saints? Instead, we see nonsense that looks like it might have come from "50 Shades of Gray" or someone's BDSM nightmare.

Along with Cardinal Baldiserri and Father Rosica, it seems that Cardinal Ravasi needs to be given the boot.  If he thinks this display is appropriate for Church use, he has very serious issues that speak of mental illness.

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  1. We can now concretely conclude that this office in the Vatican, (and indeed it seems to be spreading) is officially suffering from 'diabolical insanity'. Do these Cardinals need discipline or do they need an exorcism? Cardinal Baldiserri stealing personal mail from Vatican mailboxes, Fr. Rosica slapping a lawsuit on a private Catholic citizen, Fr. Scott 'tweeting' to Cardinal Burke STFU for the world to see, and now Cardinal Ravasi coming out with this unbelievable S. Masochist trash. Where's Fr. Amorth when we need him? He needs to bring a team of exorcists into the Vatican and 'start in'. Didn't the Holy Father dedicate St. Michael the Archangel to the Vatican shortly after he was elected? St. Michael, where are you?.....We need you!!!


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