Friday, June 25, 2021

Father Peter Daly - Committing Assault?

The Association of United States Catholic Priests is an organized bunch of dissident priests.  Michael Hichborn of Lepanto Institute and others engaged in a protest of their annual meeting in Minneapolis last week.  The protest included not only a Rosary of reparation outside, but their own conference in the same hotel as the dissidents.  That led to some up-close confrontation with the AUSCP's evils.

Jim Hale is a correspondent for LifeSiteNews.  He filmed some of the meeting and was accosted by three priests from that bunch.  One of them went so far as to assault Hale.  That assailant is none other than Father Peter Daly, retired priest of the Archdiocese of Washington.  It's rather a pity that Hale decided not to press charges.

So here's the clip.  You'll notice that not one of these dissidents is wearing his clerics.  Some find it deplorable.  I for one appreciate that at least they are minimizing the disgrace to their roman collars by declining to wear them during their heretical gab-fest.

Catholic laity, again we have with these protesters some sterling examples of how to speak out for Holy Mother Church.


  1. The man is a wolf in sheeps Street clothing!

  2. Michael Hichborn is a bully and a fraud.

    1. That's quite the allegation! Do you pretend to have evidence or is this just another hissy-snit fit?


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