Friday, June 25, 2021

Good Citizens Give Progressive School Boards An Education - What Can Catholics Learn?

Many local school boards are literally in the pockets of the National Education Association.  They are controlled by Soros-funded socialist cabals (but I repeat myself).  Their latest stunts, while suffocating our children behind those wretched masks, include the force-feeding "gender sensitivity" along with critical race theory. 

More and more decent parents and other citizens are seeing the dangers and are deciding that they will not have their children stupefied and corrupted by such progressive pig-slop.  They are making their displeasure known to their local school boards in no uncertain terms.  Below the jump break I post below some videos.  Below these I will post what I think is a "take-away" for Catholics who want to see renewal in the Church.

The first is of a gentleman from Bucks County PA who is sternly lecturing his board and even rebuking the attempts of the board president to silence him.  That board president was actually proving his point, but I'm sure the irony escaped the progressive lemming. 

In Carmel, NY, this woman blasted her school board over critical race theory.

In an Illinois board meeting, this father discredited CRT.

Much appears to be happening in Loudon County VA.  This lady, who survived communism under Mao's Red China, warned the school board that they were repeating history.

Again from Loudon County..

One of the Loudon citizens was arrested and subsequently interviewed by Tucker Carlson.

And some more video of that Loudon meeting.

So in these board meetings (and by the way, there are more of these occurrences) we see people waking up, seeing the threats aimed at their children, and taking action.  It is clear, particularly as we see the banners in the Loudon County videos, that good citizens are organizing among themselves and that they will not be cowed.

We Catholics need to start getting active in greater numbers.  Our actions must begin with prayer, but they cannot end with only prayer. We need to let our prelates know that they can no longer get away with their chicanery.  We need to vocally support the priests who are acting like priests.  We must discover and admit that we are the Church Militant.


  1. synod on synods prep is beginning. Meetings of parish communities. SEE-JUDGE-ACT and all that. Here in Argentina we are in full swing of parish listening sessions. hagan lío

  2. IGCSE is expanded as International General Certificate of Secondary Education A Level and Igcse


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