Wednesday, June 30, 2021

With Cardinal Gregory's Blessing, Holy Trinity Continues Its Descent Towards Judgment

Holy Trinity parish, a Jesuit-run parish just south of Georgetown University in Washington DC, announced that they "stand with our archbishop, Cardinal Wilton Gregory" and will continue to commit sacrilege against the Holy Eucharist by offering Him in Holy Communion to pro-abort Biden.  They made that perfidious announcement on their web page.   

While we're on Trinity's web page, let's just take a stroll, as it were.  We see that they are in the midst of a "social justice book discussion".  The book is written by one Dean Spade.  I googled him.  Actually, it might be more correct to refer to Spade as "her".   Her claim to fame is that she is a trans-activist. Inside this wikipedia blurb is the blunt statement about "his personal experience as a trans law professor and student".  In other words, "he's" a she pretending to be "he".

The book itself is called "Mutual Aid" and seems to be just a glorified manual on conducting "community organizing" .  Why, it even comes with a "study guide" by a person or entity called "Radical in Progress".  Move over, Saul Alinsky!  Well, I've given Spade more than the attention that she deserves, save only to recommend her and others like her to Our Lord in prayer.

Not surprisingly, Trinity defiled Holy Mass by formally celebrating all manners of perversions.  They called it a "LGBTQIA+ pride Mass".  Doesn't it seem like that list of letters gets longer and longer?

Some might recall back when Biden and Obama were respectively elected Vice President and President, that Biden attended Mass there soon after that election.  Not only did he receive Holy Communion, but the priest led the congregation in giving Biden a standing ovation - during Mass!  So Jesuits seem good at ruining parishes.  Now they are running riot over the entire Church.  

Please be praying your daily Rosaries.

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  1. I once went to visit Holy Trinity when I was in Georgetown. It was one of the most unpleasant experiences I've ever had in a church. I've felt more holiness and reverence in a Baptist hall.


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