Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Nine Faithful Persecuted Priests Tell What They've Experienced

It's no secret that good faithful priests are being actively persecuted by their corrupt, compromised bishops.  Why?  Because the fidelity of these priests exposes to the world the lack of faith of their prelates for all the world to behold.

Michael Voris of Church Militant recently brought together nine priests whose plights were put in the public eye.  In this interview, one gets a first-hand glimpse into the evil machinations that occur in quite a few chanceries, including that of my home diocese.  I urge one and all to watch the entire thing and to spread this far and wide.  Not only will such promulgation be educational, but it just might help protect these men.  If prelates understand that the future of these priests is in the public eye, they might - just might - be careful about exacting vengeance on them.  Cockroaches hate the light.


  1. I was told to cease preaching about:
    Voting for pro abortion politicians
    How folks should dress for Mass
    Eliminating the kiss of peace
    Silence before and after Mass in the Church
    Not receiving our Blessed Lord in the hand
    Not touching a sacred vessel
    How the Saturday vigil doesn't fulfill the Sunday obligation

  2. Have you heard about a new website called canceled-priests-dot-org? They had a fundraiser speaking event last Thursday (6/24) in Lombard IL (Chicago suburb), featuring Fr. James Altman & Fr. John Lovell, and Catholic writer Elizabeth Yore. It's encouraging to see these good priests, along with a substantial number of Catholic laity, banding together to stand up against unworthy authoritarian bishops.

    They have posted a video of that evening's speeches. It's well worth watching, and their cause is worthy of our contributions.


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