Thursday, June 3, 2021

Thanks To Pope Francis, The Traditional Latin Mass Is In Danger - Act Now

Rumors have been swirling about this for a few weeks now, but not on sites that I trust.  Lo and behold, The Remnant Newspaper now confirms them.  Mind you, this document and the measures detailed therein is simply the first round in what may well be an all-out assault on Holy Mass.

For the record, I am now attending Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  I have been doing so for over a year.  During the disgraceful shuttering of the Churches, the Traditional Latin Mass was all that was available.  It seems that the TLM priests were the only ones to take their sacerdotal responsibilities seriously.  For a few months, I had to drive considerable distances to attend those Latin Mass, but it was well worth the effort to receive Our Lord physically and sacramentally.  I will continue to attend Sunday Masses at TLM locations.  During the week, I attend the Novus Ordo at local parishes, as the TLM isn't readily available. 

Now it seems that the Vatican progressives have the Mass of the ages in their crosshairs.  Early on in this papacy I was alarmed by Pope Francis' disregard of ceremonial traditions surrounding the papacy, being concerned that disregard of tradition (small t) often went hand-in-hand with disregard of Tradition (large T).  Regrettably I was correct.  Perhaps they intend to strip whatever vestiges of dignity that still remain of the Novus Ordo, perhaps festooning it with pachamama-esque debaucheries - once they've choked off any hope of Catholics escaping to the Latin Mass.

The Remnant article has contact information for people whom we should petition to spare the Traditional Latin Mass from progressive wrecking balls.  Please do so, and please explore the Latin Mass.

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  1. We have a diocesan TLM on Sundays which I attend. But there is a SSPX chapel not far from here and I would go there if I needed to. My priests are those that would go underground however.


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