Sunday, June 6, 2021

Summing Up All The Events Of The Recent Past

What follows is a summation of all the destructive things that we've been seeing over the years, many of them facilitated by Pope Francis.  This is from a post that I saw in Facebook.  I will release his/her identity if and only if I receive permission to do so.  I may disagree with him/her on some minor points, but overall I think this illustrates how seemingly disparate events really do speak to an overarching agenda.

One thing that I did not see in this list is the now-looming attack on the Traditional Latin Mass.  I will have more on that in the following post.

Now follows the facebook post...

My feeble attempt to end some confusion about current events, and explain the actual meanings behind some odd sounding worldwide programs put in motion by the Extreme Left. Feel free to correct, criticize or argue. Bear in mind that I am no Scholar or Theologian. I graduated high school and have a couple of years of Post Secondary education. What I do have is close to 70 years of observation, and a passion for research.
A schism in the Catholic Church is inevitable and necessary because the Vatican, having been taken over by the Extreme Left, controls Pope Francis who publicly, fully embraces all of the following plans:
Globalism / U.N. Agenda 30/ The New World Order
These plans include:
One World Government
One World Cashless Currency
One World Central Bank
One World Military
The end of National Sovereignty
The end of all privately owned property
The end of the family unit
Depopulation, the end of population growth and population density
Mandatory multiple vaccines
Universal Basic Income (austerity)
Microchipped Society for purchasing, travel, tracking and controlling
Implementation of a world Social Credit System (like China)
Trillions of devices hooked in to the 5g Monitoring System
Government raised children
Government owned and controlled schools, Colleges, Universities
The end of private transportation, owning cars etc.
All businesses owned by Government Corporations
The restriction of all non-essential air travel
People re-located into human settlement zones, cities
The end of irrigation
The end of private farms and grazing livestock
The end of single family homes
Restricted land use that serves human needs
The ban on natural non-synthetic drugs and naturopathic medicine
The end of fossil fuels and replace fossil fuels with insanely expensive and unreliable ‘renewable energy’, in order to destroy the Manufacturing and Industrial sectors of all Western style Nations.
What isn’t stated, and what is absolutely necessary, is the elimination of all Religions.
Religions have always bred resistance and insurrection. They must be exterminated. We see this happening in Canada as Pastors are being arrested in Ontario, Alberta and Winnipeg for conducting Services in defiance of covid laws. Laws that exist under the guise of Public Health and Safety, but primarily exist to extinguish religious practices.
The Great Reset
Gives Government the ability to mandate all phones and communications devices to have hi-tech tracking and tracing devices, so that every citizen will have their every movement, location, contacts and purchases known, cross referenced and catalogued by Government. “Cashless Societies” will become the norm so that every penny that changes hands can be tracked, traced and taxed. Every transaction will be recorded. No more ‘Cash-No Tax’ deals. No more cash at chip wagons, or for contractors etc.
The Great Reset also means the total control of all Media by Government. With Government controlling all media - no contradiction of Government Propaganda is possible – just as it is now with the covid fraud.
The Green New Deal
Another fraudulent means to destroy Industry and the Middle Class through “Renewable Energy”.
The Paris Accord
Yet another fraudulent means to destroy Industry and the Middle Class through “Renewable Energy”, and the elimination of reliable, and comparatively cheap and plentiful fossil fuels.
As one tool to achieve “Population 500,00,000”. This number is deemed by Bill Gates, and other Hi-Tech Oligarchs as the optimum number of people required to satisfy their manufacturing and production needs. This requires the elimination of 7.5 Billion human beings. This 7.5B are considered to be unproductive, unruly, and unnecessary. They require endless resources and infrastructure, for their health and maintenance, use up valuable natural resources, pollute, and take up space for no good reason.
Gay Pride
The proliferation of “sexes” and sexual orientations as a continuous and ongoing attack on the nuclear family.
The extermination of the Middle Class
No Communist / Extremist Society allows a Middle Class. Middle class people have disposable income, mobility and influence. They are not dependent on Government for their existence. They are capable of resistance. Destroying the Middle class is a priority in all Extremist takeovers. As the Communists did in China's 'Great Leap Forward', (sound familiar? Eerily similar to 'The Great Reset' in intent and application), 70 million deliberately starved to death in the 40's and 50's; The Chinese Regime currently has a an estimated 2 million Christians, 2 million Muslims and 2 million Rohingya people in concentration Camps. The Russians under Stalin, 9 million murdered; the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, 3 million murdered; tens of thousands in Cuba murdered by Fidel Castro; hundreds of thousands murdered by ISIS; murders of millions in North Korea by Kim Jong-Il, and now his son Kim Jong Un; and on and on ad nauseum. In 1985, John Lenczowski, director of European and Soviet Affairs at the United States National Security Council, wrote an article in The Christian Science Monitor in which he stated that the "number of people murdered by communist regimes is estimated at between 60 million and 150 million, with the higher figure probably more accurate in light of recent scholarship."
The Middle Class in Canada are under attack by having their businesses shut down, (100,000 so far across Canada), using covid laws, ostensibly in the name of Public Health and Safety, but in reality, used as a weapon to destroy the Middle Class.
Pope Francis is the most dangerous and destructive force faced by Christianity in 2000 years.

My note: I don't know if I agree totally with that last sentence, but in my opinion, he ranks up there.


  1. Archbishop Vigano hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that Bergoglio is operating with the full knowledge that the bishops and priests (and most of the laity) will obey his every wish because "the First See is judged by no one". The guiding force of mainstream Catholic thought since VII has been the outspokenness of popes. Essentially, we have become ultramontanists, bending the knee to whatever the pope says. Under JPII and Benedict XVI, we used their statements to help reconcile some clear disconnects between post-VII thoughts and pre-VII doctrine. Now, having been fed a steady diet of verboseness by the Holy See, we are in no intellectual shape to stand up, at the lay or clerical levels.

  2. I gave up the NO and now go to an SSPX parish where the real Catholic Faith is taught where I take refuge in the Truth. I don't care what PF does anymore.


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