Sunday, January 13, 2019

Cardinal Tobin Flunked Theology 101

No, Cardinal Tobin!  Jesus was NOT "reborn in grace"!  Jesus Christ, as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, was always God, a divine person.  He never needed to be "reborn".

I am so grateful that Tobin said he would not be replacing Wuerl.  Let's just hope we were being told the truth.  Below is the heretical tweet.


  1. This Cowardinal is spewing the Adoptionist heresy, which was condemned by the early Church.

  2. This is indeed a subtle denial of the divinity of Christ. It is of the utmost importance that Catholics and those converting to the Church learn the dogma of the Hypostatic Union, which states: Jesus is a divine person, not a human person at all. His divine and human natures are united in His divine personage. There is no human person when referring to Jesus. He is the Second Divine Person of the Most Holy Trinity. There is a joke going around which says something to the effect of: "That guy is dumber than a box of Vatican II bishops." It is more of a truism than a joke.

  3. A: "Reborn" Christ was sinful and thus doomed to hell going in - purified by the baptismal water and fit for heaven coming out.


    B: Jesus Christ, pure and eternal God of all righteousness, sacralized the baptismal water for all Mankind and for all time by His own baptism ("to fulfill all righteousness").

    I choose B.


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