Saturday, January 12, 2019

Important Rally On Friday January 18 2019

A group of concerned lay Catholics in the DC area have formed a group called "Catholic Laity For Orthodox Bishops And Reform".  I have hyperlinked to their website.  I learned of their existence via Canon212.

They have launched a petition for the complete removal of Cardinal Wuerl from the DC chancery, as opposed to him retaining de facto bishop's authority here.

On January 18, beginning at 10am, they will hold a rally at the Papal Nunciature located at 3339 Massachusetts Ave, NW in Washington DC.  There they will appeal for Wuerl's removal and for the appointment of a real bishop (as opposed to some Wuerl clone like Joseph Tobin). 

Please be there and invite friends.  Also, please visit that site (and this blog) for word on future actions to root out the rot in the Church.


  1. I will not be at all surprised when Poop Francis appoints someone WORSE than Wuerl!

    1. What could be worse than Donald "The Lavender Don" Wuerl?

  2. If Wuerl attempts to participate/preside at the Youth Mass for the March for Life, the aisles should be jammed, trapping him in the back of the Basilica, and the booing should be unrelenting, so as to drive him out into the night.

  3. A Catholic bishop will refuse to commit, and will ensure his priests do not commit, the mortal sin of giving Communion to pro-abortion politicians. Cf. can. 915.)

    The chances that the next archbishop of Washington will be a Catholic? Nil.


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