Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Covington High School Fiasco

And that is just what the administration of Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky is making of this.  I refer to the viral video clips going through the internet that portray students from that school, attending the March for Life, to be racists.  That groveling apology simply went up too quickly for any reasonable person to believe that the administration actually investigated the matter before they bad-mouthed their students and threatened them with expulsion.

There are other clips that tell quite a different story.  They show the school group on the steps of the Lincoln Monument as they await their bus.  In the rather long one below, you'll see that Nathan Phillips, the so-called "harassed Native American", approaches their group while banging his drum (about one hour into the clip).  He and his friends plow right through them and pick one young boy to target.  Phillips gets within inches of the boy's face while chanting and drumming.  The boy remains motionless and looks at him; since when is that "harrassment"?  If anyone was harassed, it's the boy who now is unjustly threatened with expulsion.

Now watch this one.  Who is uttering racist screed in this one?

The guy telling the boys to "go back to Europe" has his camcorder at the ready.  How convenient!  By the way - please notice that the boys eventually left (presumably to get their bus).

I linked to Covington Catholic High School above.  In the lower part of that main page is their contact information.  No doubt the left is flooding them with demands for the blood of the boys.  We need to issue a few of our own demands, too.  We need to demand that they actually examine all the facts, that they retract their wimpering apology and show their students how real men handle these situations.  Lord only knows that the Covington administration is failing to demonstrate that.

NOTE - While the school principal's email has "disappeared" from the school site, it was published on facebook.  Here it is:  Let 'em have it!

I truly hope that if these boys are expelled and kicked to the curb as politically correct sacrificial lambs, that their families avail themselves of all legal recourse and sue that school to the whazzoo.

PS - If these videos "disappear", I've taken the precaution to download them.  I suggest that all do the same.

PPS - I'm a little confused. Despite that "apology" on their webpage, their facebook page indicates that the school is standing behind its students.  Now I'm hearing this page may be fake, as the school may have taken down their real page.


  1. Honestly, I believe that the end is VERY near!

  2. As I write this Sunday evening, the boys are still officially condemned by the diocese. I visited their page, which immediately informed me about this. Tonight, God-fearing Catholics can be proud of our boys. Imagine any other group, and answer yourself - what other group of young men would show such restraint, patience and kind spirit? I condemn the bishops, who participate in the persecution of "white" men. May God show them His just ways.

  3. Unfortunately, as I understand it, it's fake.

  4. Here’s my question- where are the adult chaperones who should protect & intervene in any confrontation or danger to students or others??? What was the ratio of adults to students? As an adult father of grown Catholic children- if I was a chaperone, I would be in front & behind my charges at all times.


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