Friday, January 18, 2019

Witchcraft In New Pro-Life Movement?

HT: Canon 212

I've written before about the so-called "New Pro-life Movement" that I had redubbed the "Non Pro-Life Mutation".  It seems that my nickname is more accurate than I had originally imagined it could be.

Rebecca Bratten-Weiss is one of the co-founders of this group.  If you look at some of the articles (and related links) in the first link of this article, you'll see some expose on her.  However, even these don't reveal the true horror than what she herself wrote.  It was released a few days ago.  Just read the first sentence.  "wondering what I could burn as a sacrifice to Hecate"?  "Contemplating witchcraft"?  The rest of the article is quite revelatory.  But please have a strong stomach before reading it.

Mahound's Paradise and Austin Ruse have even more details of Weiss and some of her friends who may also be witches.

In light of these revelations, particularly the one that Weiss herself provided, I cannot see how any decent person, let alone a faithful Catholic, can associate with the New Pro Life Movement.  It should be avoided at all costs.


  1. Can we sink any lower into depravity?

  2. Weiss is a sandwich short of a picnic.
    The woman has serious issues. She's revolting, repulsive and pitiful.


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