Wednesday, January 16, 2019

We Have Been Heard - Wuerl Not Presiding At Youth Rally Mass

In my previous post I wondered if Cardinal Wuerl would exhibit the bad taste and tone-deafness so as to preside at the Youth Rally Mass before the March for Life on Friday Jan 18.  I'm sure you share my delight in learning that he will not preside. The main celebrant will be the apostolic nuncio, Archbishop Christophe Pierre.  The CNA article did not indicate whether or not Wuerl will be a concelebrant, but I hope not.

We can take a lesson from this, namely, when we speak up we can be heard.  Our voices (and yes, our money) do matter.  We must never be afraid or reluctant to take action to defend our Faith.  Will we be successful every time we try?  Probably not.  However, we will fail every time we decline to act.  Ora et labora.

In related news, our erstwhile bishop continues to make a fool of himself vis-a-vis his refusal to accept responsibility for allowing McCarrick to continue his predations for years after he learned of them.  First he asked for "understanding".  Now, in a word, he denies the denials that denied the denials.  Got that?  I trust that is as clear as mud.  Anyway, he can run at the mouth all he want's; faithful Catholics are no longer buying the, uh, "bovine excrement".

But the fecal matter continues to flow.  He tried to pin blame on a "memory lapse"?  A decent, sane human being doesn't have "memory lapses" about such weighty matters.  Perhaps he doesn't remember what he had for lunch on the day he learned of McCarrick's horrid crimes, but he would never forget the crimes themselves.  What we are seeing in reality is a "credibility lack".

Keep your eyes open, your rosaries in hand, and act.


  1. To quote Archbishop Vigano: Wuerl is "a shameless liar" !

  2. Wuerl is more shady than a Vatican II sermon denying the Divinity of Christ.


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