Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Pope - Better To Skip Mass Than Be A Hypocrite?

That was the gist of today's papal homily.  See here and here.  The problems with this lousy advice are many and myriad.
  • Missing Mass without a truly pressing and valid reason is a mortal sin against the Third Commandment and one of the Six Precepts of the Church.  Being a hypcrite and "hating others" are not valid reasons for absenting oneself from Mass.
  • Whatever happened to the Church being a "hospital for sinners"?  Was that lovely phrase meant only for some sinners?
Let's assume for discussion's sake that there are those who do indeed go to Mass while gossiping about others.  In counseling them to stay away from Mass, he is counseling them to commit mortal sin.  Such counseling, being on of the nine ways to cooperate with the mortal sins of others, is its own mortal sin.

Will we soon hear the pope give this less-than-sage advice to those living in fornication or those embroiled in the gay lifestyle?  Somehow I doubt it.  That's quite a double standard.


  1. To Francis, the unforgivable sin is Speaking Ill of Francis. THAT is the sin.

    Speaking ill of other Catholics, like those who want a border wall? No big deal at all! Easily forgiven in the Era of Mercy!!

  2. Skip the papal audience instead.

  3. How much longer will we have to suffer with this horrible Pontificate?

  4. and what about the sin of hating American catholics, as this pontificate appears to do, or hating Cdl. Pell or hating Cdl Burke


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