Friday, January 25, 2019

Social Media Pressure A Factor In Apologies Of Bishops To Covington Boys

This afternoon Bishop Roger Foys of the Diocese of Covington finally issued an official apology for throwing the boys under the bus at the behest of the leftie hyenas.  While a tad weak, the words "I apologize" appear therein.  I regret that is more than the March for Life leadership has done to date (no doubt causing Nellie Gray to spin in her grave).  The apology and some analysis can be found on LifeSiteNews and elsewhere.  Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville has followed suit and also apologized on his blog.  So too did the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

My colleague at Les Femmes advises us that some high profile lawyers, acting on behalf of the students, are planning lawsuits against some of the barbarians who issued slander, libel and even threats against the boys.  I for one hope and pray that they are successful beyond their dreams.  That said, there exists the very real possibility that these three Catholic dioceses issued apologies to escape being targets for legal action; I wouldn't be surprised if that is the case.  At least something gave them cause for pause.  One Kentucky bishop, John Stowe of Lexington, continues to pile on the boys.  Lepanto Institute reveals that Stowe embraces just about all things heretical.  Perhaps the less-than-good bishop will find himself in legal cross hairs.

While I've no doubt that these prelates might well fear more lawsuits, we cannot discount the role that faithful Catholics all over the nation have played in this.  I'm sure many readers have joined in calling and/or emailing these dioceses to voice your displeasure.  Moreover, in Kentucky some have no doubt informed their prelates of their intentions to reduce or suspend any future donations.  Your voices, each and every one of yours', have played a pivotal role.  You probably heard of this atrocity over various blogs, facebook,etc - in short, through outlets that are independent of mainstream media.

However, there are Catholics who, for whatever reason, are encouraging us to eschew social media, claiming that "it doesn't matter what we say".  I have seen this mainly on facebook and have captured screenshots of those jaded sentiments.  The key player in this knows who he is, and may well be reading this post.  If I continue to see any more attempts to get us to stifle our voices, even if you believe your reasons to be spiritual and noble, I can promise you that you will be vociferously and publicly opposed.  If there is one thing for which I commend the left, it is their astute use of social media.  We are just starting to learn its power.  What a sin it would be for us to abandon this tool - and yes, I do mean to use the word "sin" in all its aspects.  It has proven to be of benefit to the Covington boys and I for one will take issue if other Catholics mistakenly deny their voices to these young men.


  1. Absolutely! Everyone should use social media to speak out. It can be a powerful catalyst for good. And to the people who think it doesn't matter what we say or don't say, it's 'not going to do any good'....regardless if we are successful or not in this life, we have Our Lord to answer to some day. He doesn't care how successful or unsuccessful we are, but we HAVE TO TRY. I do believe He expects us to fight for His Church in any way we are able. PRAY....and then ACT.

  2. The bishops are such cowards! (And wimps as well!)

  3. I agree, that we should be using social media along with every other legitimate means at our disposal.

    But what I'd like to know about the Covington controversy is: where is "Papa Francesco" in all this?

    He never misses a chance to weigh in on things, regardless of whether he has any familiarity with the issues involved or not.

    So why all the Vatican crickets?

    Luckily for Bergoglio, he can point to the fact that he is presently hanging out with a handful of stragglers in Panama as the cause of his unprecedented distraction. Otherwise, he would publicly have to side either with the Mass-interrupting, pseudo-indigenous drum-beater (which would open the eyes of countless Catholics still baselessly believing him--Jorge Bergoglio--to be more or less a good guy) or with the heroic and virtuous Nick Sandmann (and let's face it, the co-pope hailing from Buenos Aires would sooner laicize a notorious pedophile, than that).

    We should be putting pressure by every legitimate means not only on our American bishops about justice for the Covington boys, but on the Bishop of Rome as well.

  4. My late father in law was afraid to have internet access because he was convinced everyone was looking at porn. I tried to tell him that no-- the sinner has to go look for it but to no avail. Social media is just a tool. Nasty people used to gossip behind the drying laundry on wash day, now they may do it on Twitter but the sin that is in the person's thoughts is where it begins no matter what tool they use to express it.


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