Friday, September 13, 2019

Call To Prayer And Fasting For Synod And A Warning From Holy Trinity Parish

Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider have issued:
  • A declaration warning against six "theological errors and heresies" contained in the Instrumentum Laboris for the Amazon Synod that will happen next month in Rome, and
  • A call for prayer and fasting during the forty days prior to the sin-nod.  They will start September 17.  The two prelates recommend a daily Rosary and fasting, preferably on Wednesdays or Fridays.  The intention is that the errors and heresies noted in their warning will never come out of the sin-nod.
If these errors are issued from the sin-nod, the way will be paved for even more violations of the Faith.  Some of these are happening now.

For those in the Washington DC area, I use as an example Holy Trinity Parish, just south of Georgetown University.  It is run by Jesuits and has been a dissident hotbed for some time now.

This parish is celebrating its 225th anniversary.  What better way for a Catholic parish to celebrate and give thanks to God for its existence by fawning all over sexual perverts and their enablers?  As you see in this bulletin, gay-enabling Father James Martin is scheduled to give an address at 10am, Saturday Oct 5 to peddle his latest heretical tome.  Read the entire bulletin to see more groveling to the gay juggernaut.

From the parish's youtube channel, we see this pathetic fellow wax lyrical regarding his descent towards perdition being accelerated by Holy Trinity.

On the parish's page dedicated to this anniversary, we read: "could Bishop John Carroll and Rev. Francis Neale, S.J. know what Holy Trinity would become 225 years ago?"  The answer is no - not in their most horrid nightmares.

As we join in this prayer effort, let us also pray for all the Joe Figinis of this world who, when they asked for fish, were given serpents.  Pray that they may come to repentance and salvation despite their parishes.

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