Monday, September 30, 2019

Amazon Synod Begins October 6

The Amazon Sin-Nod draws near, and Pope Francis appears to be finalizing his preparations.  Part and parcel of those preparations is the announcement that the pope restored to ministry a priest/theologian who was suspended because of his gay advocacy.  In actuality, Father James Alison, a British Dominican, was restored approximately two years ago.  He was obviously asked to keep the restoration secret and it is only on the cusp of the synodal disaster that looms, that Alison again holds himself out as a priest in good standing.  There is no evidence that he recanted his advocacy nor had any other indication of repentance.  He identifies as a "gay priest".

It is also widely noised abroad that today the pope granted a 30-minute interview with pervert-enabling and general-all-around dissident Fr James Martin.  Martin, of course, works in the Vatican's communication office.  So the pope can palaver with Martin for 30 minutes, yet not grant a meeting with the two surviving dubia cardinals to address their pressing concerns regarding the Church's direction?  Perhaps in this interview the pope did indeed answer their questions.  In fact, those questions have been long ago answered.

But good faithful Catholics are also making preparations for the looming disaster.  From LifeSiteNews we read of a prayer demonstration that occurred a few days ago, featuring Catholic leaders - many of whom plan to stay during the duration of the mess.  Cardinal Burke (one of the dubia cardinals) continues to sound the alarm regarding both the Amazon mess and the German sham-synod.

I will post two videos that bear watching.  Both deal with the synod.  In the second, Father does a very decent job in summarizing key errors and heresies in the Instrumentum Laboris.  Please take the time to listen to these.  More importantly, take the time each day for a Rosary to stave off the planned damage to the Catholic Church.


  1. Bergoglio also granted private audience with none other than James Martin, as you are probably well aware by now. Seems as though every day now, he manages to make sure the faithful see his middle finger. One way or another.

  2. Thank you for this. Because of the depth of my scorn of Hiliary Clinton, I may be blinded of the reason the Pope used the "it takes a village." However, I would think the Pope would use such a phrase to draw in the African Catholics [Cardinals, lay members, etc.] since it is an African saying.

  3. OCTOBER 1, 2019Amazon Synod Instrumentum Laboris contradicts Vatican Council II and Creeds : first class heresy and schism with the popes before Pius XII 


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