Sunday, September 22, 2019

Usual Gang Of Suspects To Attend Amazon Sin-Nod

Do any of these names sound familiar?
  • Ki-Moon Ban
  • Jeffrey Sachs
  • Hans Schellnhuber
They should.  Over the past few years, I and others have written about these progressive, pro-population-control individuals who have all been invited to various Vatican-sponsored conferences.  They gave presentations and lent their pernicious influence to the various synodal documents, including Laudato Si and Amoris Laetitia.  Put any one of their names in this blog's search box (top left with the magnifying glass) to get more background information.  They will be attending next month's Amazon Sin-nod, per the Vatican list of attendees.

Edward Pentin has also pointed out the high German representation at this gabfest.  Cardinal Reinhard Marx was personally appointed by the pope to attend.  Other dissident prelates include Cardinal Maradiaga, Cardinal Schonborn and Archbishop Paglia.  Put those names in the search box for some eye-fulls; space and time do not permit me to elaborate on the unfitness of each and every one of them to guide the Church on anything.

The hoax known as "climate change" will be bandied about ad nauseum as though it were settled science.  Even if it were, that subject matter falls outside the competence of clergy for solemn pronouncements. 

HOWEVER, if they insist, here's some thoughtful input for them to consider.

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